[Weekly TV Top 10] ‘Start-Up’ Enjoys Its Global Popularity and Rises to No. 1

Following Record of Youth, Start-Up is captivating Netflix users. It has continuously ranked in the top 10 in flixpatrol, which provides video content rankings. In addition to Asian countries such as Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore, non-Asian countries such as Peru, Australia, New Zealand and Nigeria are also showing great interest in the drama. Attention is focusing on whether Start-Up that has reached its turning point will be able to continue their successful moves till the very end. Let’s check out which programs have made headlines over the past week.


The Dramas on 1st Week of November 2020

Start-Up finally landed at No. 1 in the drama popularity chart after 4 weeks. Nam Joo Hyuk and Suzy’s kiss scene became the talk of the town, and the fact that there was no background music inserted in the scene received positive reviews. The Penthouse: War in Life maintained its position at No. 2, but netizens are still heavily criticizing it for its provocative story and directing. The third place went to Tale of the Nine-Tailed, which drew favorable reactions about the Eoduksini (spirit of darkness) episode. tvN’s new drama Birthcare Center debuted at No. 4 amid rave reviews for being a hyperrealism drama, while Kairos, which premiered last week, ranked 6th with a slight decrease in popularity amid continued praise for its unique production.

Top 10 Popularity of TV Dramas

  1. tvN Start-Up (Share of Audience: 18.94) (▲2)
  2. SBS The Penthouse: War in Life (Share of Audience: 16.05) (-)
  3. tvN Tale of the Nine-Tailed (Share of Audience: 15.67) (▲1)
  4. tvN Birthcare Center (Share of Audience: 8.60) NEW
  5. JTBC 18 Again (Share of Audience: 6.39) (▲1)
  6. MBC Kairos (Share of Audience: 5.44) (▽1)
  7. KBS Homemade Love Story (Share of Audience: 4.51) (▲2)
  8. KBS Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol (Share of Audience: 4.27) (▽1)
  9. JTBC More Than Friends (Share of Audience: 2.92) (▲1)
  10. OCN Search (Share of Audience: 2.85) (▲1)


Top 10 Popularity of the Cast in TV Dramas

  1. Suzy, Start-Up (▲1)
  2. Lee Dong Wook, Tale of the Nine-Tailed (▲3)
  3. Nam Joo Hyuk, Start-Up (▲1)
  4. Kim Bum, Tale of the Nine-Tailed (▲1)
  5. Lee Ji Ah, The Penthouse: War in Life (▲10)
  6. Kim Sun Ho, Start-Up (▲3)
  7. Jo Bo Ah, Tale of the Nine-Tailed (-)
  8. Uhm Ji Won, Birthcare Center NEW
  9. Lee Do Hyun, 18 Again (▲2)
  10. Eugene, The Penthouse: War in Life (▽2)


The Non-Dramas on the 1st Week of November 2020

Show Me The Money 9 topped the chart once again as the “Leader Selection Cypher” and “Triple Crew Battle” became the hottest topic. The Masked Singer landed at No. 2 when “Butthumak Cat” wore the crown for 4 consecutive weeks, but still, many said that the show is slowly running out of “popular celebrities” to cast. I Live Alone, in which Ahn Bo Hyun and Kim Ji Hoon guest appeared, is seeing a decline in popularity for two weeks, but managed to come in third.

The Top 10 Popularity of TV Non-Dramas

  1. Mnet Show Me The Money 9 (Share of Audience: 6.40) (-)
  2. MBC The Masked Singer (Share of Audience: 3.62) (▲2)
  3. MBC I Live Alone (Share of Audience: 3.14) (▲4)
  4. JTBC Hidden Singer: Season 6 (Share of Audience: 2.87) (▲1)
  5. MBC How Do You Play? (Share of Audience: 2.86) (▲4)
  6. TV Chosun We Will Sing Your Requests �” Call Center of Love (Share of Audience: 2.73) (-)
  7. JTBC Knowing Bros (Share of Audience: 2.64) (▽5)
  8. tvN New Journey to the West: Season 8 (Share of Audience: 2.50) (▲5)
  9. SBS Running Man (Share of Audience: 2.45) (▲1)
  10. tvN Yoo Quiz On The Block (Share of Audience: 2.42) (▲9)


The Top 10 Popularity of the Cast in TV Non-Dramas

  1. Refund Sisters, How Do You Play? (▲2)
  2. Kim Ji Hoon, I Live Alone NEW
  3. Koo Hye Sun, Omniscient Interfering View NEW
  4. Oh Ji Ho, Same Bed, Different Dreams 2: You Are My Destiny NEW
  5. Ahn Bo Hyun, I Live Alone NEW
  6. Kim Sun Ho, 1 Night 2 Days Season 4 (▲29)
  7. Lim Young Woong, Let’s Play Soccer (▲10)
  8. Yoo Jae Suk, How Do You Play? (▲18)
  9. Lee Juck, Master in the House NEW
  10. Lim Young Woong, Mulberry School (▽1)


This survey was released on November 9 by the TV popularity analysis agency Good Data Corporation after analyzing netizens’ responses, which were generated from news articles, blogs/communities, videos and SNSs for the 24 dramas and the 179 non-dramas that are on air or scheduled to air from November 2 through November 8.

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