People Show Mixed Reactions to APRIL Naeun’s “Mommy, I peed myself” Dance

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Netizens are showing mixed reactions to APRIL Naeun’s 5-year-old’s dance.

In the recent episode of Knowing Bros, which aired on October 31, Naeun showed a 5-year-old’s dance. Staring by saying, “Mommy, look at me. Daddy, look at me,” she imitated a five-year-old boy’s shy dance. Then she sat down and finished by saying, “Mommy, I peed myself.”

After the broadcast, the video was posted on Knowing Bros YouTube channel with the title “Dance that follows 5-year old’s thoughts.” As of November 11, the video easily surpassed 1.46 million views. Though it seemed like a big hit, netizens showed mixed reactions.

Here are some of the comments left on the video: “Is that cute? How?” “She shouldn’t have done the ‘I peed myself’ part.” “Guess you gotta do what it takes for some fame or attention.” “How is a full-grown adult pretending to be a 5-year-old kid cute or funny?” “I think Naeun is popular enough to not do things like that.” “I don’t know Naeun could be this weird. Can’t stop laughing.” “Naeun is pretty even when she is doing something weird.” “I bet she was even cuter when she did that as a child.”

The video has also generated a number of heated discussions on online communities. As the controversy grew by the day, some netizens found an old post from Naeun’s Instagram and said she was just copying herself. Last year, Naeun posted a short clip of herself back in her childhood with a comment, “Young Naeun’s dance skills.”

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