‘Life is Beautiful’ Is a Musical Film that Anyone Can Relate To

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A movie filled with familiar musics, such as Shin Joong Hyun’s “Beautiful Woman,” Lee Moon Sae’s “Early Morning Discount,” Lee Seung Chul’s “Don’t Say Goodbye,” Lee Juck’s “Lie Lie Lie” and Toy’s “Passionate Goodbye,” is coming. It’s Korean’s first jukebox musical film, Life is Beautiful.

Life is Beautiful is a film about a wife who asks her husband to find her first love as her last birthday gift and her husband who reluctantly travels around the country to fulfill her request. On November 11, director Choi Gook Hee, Ryu Seung Ryong, Yum Jung Ah, Park Se Wan and Ong Seong Wu attended the press conference.

Director Choi Gook Hee said, “I cried the first time I read the script. My mother and my wife came to mind. It’s not like I am a fan of musical films, but I became a fan of the story, and that’s why I made this.”

Credit: Lotte Entertainment

Ryu Seung Ryong plays the role of a husband who goes on a search to find his wife’s first love.
“He grumbles after being pressured by life, but deep down, he is a warm and cute husband. If I included humor by presenting the joys and sorrows of small business owners in Extreme Job, this time, I tried to capture the lives of family and a couple and added songs on top of that. The movie will make everyone reminisce and draw empathy. There will be both small laughs and deep emotions.”

About Yum Jung Ah, he added, “Yum Jung Ah was Se Yeon herself. She is quite similar to my wife in real life. You know, like frequently forgetting things,” giving a big laugh.

Credit: Lotte Entertainment

Yum Jung Ah takes on the role of a wife who looks for her first love.
“I’ve been dreaming about starring in a musical film. So I was thrilled when I first received the offer. I worked with writer Bae Sae Young in Intimate Strangers before. I know how delicately Bae writes her script and how she is capable of drawing out empathy. I cried a lot as I read the script. I thought to myself, this is definitely mine.”

Credit: Lotte Entertainment

Park Se Wan, who recently greeted viewers through the film Collectors, played the high school days of Sae Yeon.
“I made the most of my experience playing Sae Yeon, who fell in love for the first time. You know how people say you hear the bell ring and see the light when you fall in love with someone at first sight. I tried to think about that a lot.”

Credit: Lotte Entertainment

Ong Seong Wu plays Sae Yeon’s first love, Jung Woo.
“He is a student who dreams of becoming an announcer. So he speaks Seoul dialect even though he is from Mokpo. He always has a smile on his face and has a friendly personality, so he is popular. He is the ‘first love’ every dreams of.”

Ong Seong Wu is making his big-screen debut with Life is Beautiful.
“It was an honor to be a part of a film. It was also new and fun to challenge a musical genre. I’m really nervous and excited to be on the same screen with such respected seniors.”

Life is Beautiful will be released in December.

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