‘Please Don’t Date Him’ Lee Jun Young Says He Was Lucky to Have Worked with Song Ha Yoon

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Song Ha Yoon and Lee Jun Young (U-Kiss’s Jun) boasted perfect chemistry, raising expectations for their upcoming drama Please Don’t Date Him.

On the afternoon of November 10 KST, the press conference for MBC Everyone’s new drama Please Don’t Date Him was held. During the event, two lead actors expressed their gratitude for each other.

Lee Joon Young said, “I have so many things to thank Song Ha Yoon for. She cares about the little things and is really considerate,” and added, “I was lucky to have worked with such an amazing partner like Song Ha Yoon.”

Song Ha Yoon also praised Lee Jun Young, saying, “Jun Young is very sincere and bright that I felt comfortable from the first time we met. Of all the male partners I’ve worked with, Jun Young is the most comfortable. I was also lucky to have met Jun Young.”

Director Oh Mi Kyung said, “When the two first met, they were so awkward around each other that even those around them felt awkward, but they got much better. I feel like they have the same overall images that I feel proud just by looking at them.”

Please Don’t Date Him is a love comedy drama about what happens when ladies can have a device that can sort out the “men you should not date.” Putting forward a fresh genre of “Romance Interfered by AI,” it heralds a romance drama that will target the hearts of women in their 20s and 30s, who want to love but avoid wrong choices.

Besides Song Ha Yoon and Lee Jun Young, Yoon Bomi, Gong Min Jung, Joo Woo Jae and Nam Min Woo will appear in the drama.

Meanwhile, Please Don’t Date Him will premiere on November 10 at 10:50 op.m. KST.

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