Jung Soo Jung Says ‘More Than Family’ Is the Perfect Film to Make Big Screen Debut With

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The role chosen by singer-turned-actor Jung Soo Jung (Krystal) for her big-screen debut was a pregnant woman. In the film More Than Family, Jung plays the role of Toh Il, a college student who is five-month pregnant. The reason she chose this role was quite simple. She understood her. In a recent interview, Jung said, “I felt like young and confident Toh Il represents the women these days, and that’s really attractive. The story that everyone will nod to unfolds. It was the best choice.”

More Than Family follows a five-month pregnant woman Toh Il, who lost contact with her biological dad 15 years ago, as she goes on a search for her birth father.

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Jung Soo Jung gained weight by eating 3 to 4 meals a day to play the role of a pregnant role. “After talking with the director, I decided not to dress so girly. Of all the outfits I wore, some of them actually belong to the director or me. I wanted to portray Toh Il as realistically as possible.” She then talked about the difficulties of carrying a heavy prop around her stomach on hot summer days and added, “Crossing my legs wasn’t easy, and everything came with a lot of restrictions. It felt like I had indirect experiences of the hardships that pregnant women undergo.”

Jung grew especially fond of Toh Il because she had a lot in common with how she was before. Watching Toh Il mature through a series of events, she nodded as she recalled the times she fiercely survived as an idol. Jung also had great chemistry with director Choi, who is only three years older than her. Especially, Jung got close to Jang Hye Jin, who played Toh Il’s mother, enough to call her “my senior, my sister and my mother.”


Outside of work, she gains courage from her sister Jessica. Saying that she feels grateful that she has a sister who works in the same industry, Jung added, “No one can support and understand you as well as your family.”

Including OCN’s Search, which recently aired its fourth episode, Jung Soo Jung took on various roles. “Rather than thinking about wanting to play such and such characters, they were projects and characters that I was instantly attracted to. I think I always want to try something new. That’s how I don’t get bored and enjoy every moment. The only genre I’ve never tried in rom-com. I even tried an action genre, but I want to try rom-com at least once.”

Her fans are looking forward to her career as a singer. In response, Jung said that working as an actress is another process of developing human Jung Soo Jung and added, “But I’m sure there will be a time to repay fans who are looking forward to my activities as Krystal.”

“My dream is to live every single moment of my life to the full. If I try my best, I will become a reliable person, actor and singer one day. I’m always open.”

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