‘Record of Youth’ Actor Byeon Woo Seok Praises Park Bo Gum

With Record of Youth, Byeon Woo Seok took a big leap forward as an actor.

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In the drama, Byeon took on the role of model-turned-actor Won Hae Hyo, who undergoes chaotic emotional changes as he watches his close friend Sa Hye Joon succeed as an actor.

On October 28, Byeon Woo Seok held an interview and delivered his thoughts on successfully finishing the work.

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Q1. How do you feel now that the drama is over?
I think I was really in love with this drama. I miss all the friends I worked with, and I also miss Park Bo Gum, who is in the military now. This work gave me a lot of things. I’m really grateful.


Q2. Did you feel any pressure when you first started?
I thought I should do my best not to cause any harm to this amazing work. I really talked a lot with the director (Ahn Gil Ho). I also discussed every scene with the actors to make it better. I got a lot of help on the spot.


Q3. The drama was released simultaneously on Netflix and ranked on the global list. Do you feel the popularity?
I feel the number of overseas fans has increased. I think I’m getting more attention because I worked with a great director, writer and actors. The number of followers for my social media doubled.


Q4. I think you must have been more sympathetic to the character because he is also a model-turned-actor.
Besides being a model-turned-actor, the fact that he wants to make his own way is also similar. Unlike Hae Hyo, I come from an average family. My parents knew that working in the entertainment industry was no joke, so they weren’t happy when I first started my model career, but they cheered me a lot when I turned to acting.

Credit: tvN

Q5. What kind of person was Park Bo Gum?
He was exactly what I expected. So kind and so caring. He is a friend who had a lot to learn from.


Q6. You must have felt lonely playing a role with unrequited love.
I did feel a bit lonely, but I think I would have made the same choice if I was in Hae Hyo’s shoes. He does love Jung Ha, but I think Hye Joon was the one who was precious to him.


Q7. Is there any genre or character you want to try in the future?
I want to play a psychopath. I wonder how I will look. I also want to try a fantasy genre like THe King: Eternal Monarch. But more than anything, I would love to work on romantic comedy. I want to become “Rom-Com King.” I really love Park Seo Joon’s acting. I have this rom-com sensibility within me. I think I will have fun and be good at it. Rather than being funny alone, I believe there is a synergy effect when we are together.


Having successfully completed Record of Youth, Byeon Woo Seok is currently filming for Soulmate (literal title) with Kim Dami and Jeon So Nee.

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