NCT’s Jisung Injured His Knees During Practice + Will Be Sitting Out of Upcoming Performances

Credit: SM Entertainment

NCT’s Jisung will be absent from some upcoming promotions due to his knee injury.

On November 4, SM Entertainment informed fans of Jisung’s injury, saying, “Jisung is being treated after he injured his knee during a practice.”

They added, “It has been judged that it would be difficult for him to perform excessive movements such as dance performances in his current state.” After discussion, Jisung decided to sit out of some schedules for the time being, such as music programs and other performances.

SM finished by saying, “We ask fans for your understanding. As our artist’s recovery from his injury is the top priority, we will do our best for his treatment.”

Recently, NCT dropped their second full-length album RESONANCE Pt. 1 and has been actively promoting. The album proved NCT’s global influence by selling 1.21 million copies in just a week after its release.

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