‘Ask Us Anything Fortune Teller’ Jeon So Min Talks About Her Worries over Being Happy

Credit: KBS

Jeon So Min talked about what worries her these days in Ask Us Anything Fortune Teller.

In the recent episode of KBS Joy’s Ask Us Anything Fortune Teller, Jeon So Min and Choi Jung Won appeared to promote their new film The Name and opened up about their worries.

Jeon So Min said, “I’m thinking a lot about happiness these days. I was very sick earlier this year. And as I regain my health, I am reorganizing to find out what a happy life is.” She added, “It’s nice that I’m busy, but after a hectic time, I don’t feel these small emotions anymore. But living a relaxed life is not fruitful, so it’s hard to balance them out.”

Hearing this, Choi Jung Won said, “It’s so strange to hear her say this. She seems to enjoy her life with alcohol.” Jeon So Min replied, “I drink because I’m having a hard time. I get a lift that moment because alcohol is like anesthetic,” giving a big laugh.

Seo Jang Hoon advised her to figure out how to make a good use of the times she feels happy. He added, “You need to fully dive into the happy moments though it might be short. I watch movies and dramas at home. Peanut butter ice cream by my side and I’m golden. Being alone at home is not hard for me.”

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