Hwang Chi Yeul’s Sexy “Coming of Age Ceremony” Cover Goes Viral, Surpassing 1.4 Million Views

Credit: lovelyarin/YouTube

Hwang Chi Yeul’s “Coming of Age Ceremony” cover, which he performed a year ago during his concert, is going viral in Korea.

“Coming of Age Ceremony” performance, which Hwang Chi Yeul presented for his fans during his concert in Jeju last December, started to see a steep rise in the number of views with sudden word of mouth. It is showing the same pattern as 2PM’s “My House,” which saw the light of day 5 years after it was released.

The fancam of Hwang Chi Yeul’s “Coming of Age Ceremony” cover, which had about 200,000 views not long ago, instantly attracted explosive attention across the Internet and surpassed 1.35 million views as of Oct. 13. The number of views reached 600,000 on Oct. 9, and 900,000 on the very next day.

People say that the fact that Hwang Chi Yeul took the stage seriously by adding masculinity without exaggerating or being shy is the reason why this clip suddenly caught the attention. Of course, another critical point will be the singer’s perfect buff body. Some even commented that seeing Hwang Chi Yeul in red dress reminds them of Greek gods.

An official from Hwang Chi Yeul’s label said, “This is a special stage that the singer prepared for his fans. We were surprised to see all the positive comments. Since it’s a stage that we worked hard on, we are just glad that people are enjoying it. We will continue to show you great performances.”

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