‘The Spies Who Loved Me’ Is a Drama that Carries Adult Melodrama Within the Vivacity of Rom-Com

A thrilling romantic spy drama is coming.

Credit: MBC

New MBC drama The Spies Who Loved Me, which will premiere on October 21, is a thrilling romantic comedy about two secretive men and a woman who got caught up in a spy war. Yoo In Na plays a woman who got married with a belief in love, while Eric and Lim Ju Hwan each play her ex and current husband who hid their true identities as a secret agent for Interpol and an industrial spy. Director Lee Jae Jin, best known for My Daughter Geum Sa-Wol and The Banker, joined hands with writer Lee Ji Min who produced big tentpole movies such as The Man Standing Next, Forbidden Dream, and The Age of Shadows.

Director Lee Jae Jin and writer Lee Ji Min answered questions about the upcoming project.

Credit: MBC

Q1. What kind of drama is The Spies Who Loved Me?
Lee Ji Min: It’s a drama that closely intertwined romance and intelligence. The cheerful loveliness of romance and the sophisticated tension of intelligence works will come alive with the characters. It will give the fun of digging up cases just like any other spy dramas, and at the same time, since the main characters are connected through marriage, there will be growth and reflections on love.


Q2. What was the key point in production?
Lee Jae Jin: I focused on creating a cheerful drama. Also, I wanted to create unique action sequences like in any of the Jacky Chan movies.


Q3. What is the meaning behind the title?
Lee Ji Min: The title is an homage to the 007 series. I borrowed it with the meaning of respect because it is a wonderful title that expresses unbelievable love.


Q4. What will be the key point we should pay attention to?
Lee Jae Jin: I wanted to capture the emotions shown in Hong Kong films from the 80s and 90s. I depicted the characters and stories quite sensuously in line with the modern sentiment, but some devices that will bring back the old feelings are put here and there.

Credit: MBC

Q5. What kind of actors are Eric, Yoo In Na, and Lim Ju Hwan?
Lee Jae Jin: Eric excels in drawing out emotions with his adult-like smile and child-like smile, and Yoo In Na persuades others of her character with her lovely charm. As for Lim Ju Hwan, no one would suit better in a spy role than him. He is an actor who is strict like a warrior and cheerful like a boy.
Lee Ji Min: The chemistry between Eric and Yoo In Na is full of laughter and tears, while the chemistry between Yoo In Na and Lim Ju Hwan is just lovely. And on top of that, there is a thrilling synergy between Eric and Lim Ju Hwan. The romance between the three carries a secretive and thick adult romance within the vivacity of romantic comedies. It will feel like eating chocolate and whisky at the same time.


Q6. Words to viewers?
Lee Jae Jin: It is a work that shows a pleasant contemplation about love and marriage. Please look forward to the sweet tricks of the great actors.
Lee Ji Min: You will be able to see the whirlwind loveliness of an unprecedented love triangle, tense spy war, and retro-style comic action shown by various characters.

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