Female Characters that Chose “Strong Personality” over “Beauty” Dominate the Small Screen

Recently, actresses are approaching viewers with their “easy-going” sides that abandoned the “prettiness.”

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In Tale of the Nine-Tailed, Jo Bo Ah is playing the role of Nam Ji Ah, a talented television producer whose current program features urban myths. She recklessly pursues Lee Yeon, a gumiho who has settled in the city, to the point where he says, “Her liver is swollen (meaning she’s got a lot of gall).” Some might be scared off as they track down incidents involving gumiho Lee Yeon, but for her, that’s not the case. If she gets caught up in a case, there’s no going back. This is a whole new side of Jo Bo Ah, who has been loved for her innocent and pure images. This bold and straightforward image, which was not seen in her previous works, adds to the drama’s charm, while her chemistry with Lee Dong Wook that goes back and forth between comedy and seriousness enlivens the story.

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Jin Ki Joo from KBS’s weekend drama Homemade Love Story is showing an unyielding and wild female character. Lee Bit Chae Woon, played by Jin Ki Joo, hustles the interior works that even men find difficult and serves as the head of the family on behalf of her naive mother and immature siblings. And it’s up to Jin Ki Joo to make this character as “vivid” as possible. She entirely scrubbed her image as pitiful women with ambitions from her previous works and put on a face of a confident woman, continuing her chemistry with Lee Jang Woo.

Credit: KBS

Park Joo Hyun, who is currently starring in KBS drama Zombie Detective, draws attention for her delicious portrayal of passionate and nosy Gong Sun Ji. She throws all her body in playing the role who faces various incidents and creates various disturbances in quitting her job as a writer for a TV show that deals with issues regarding current affairs and getting employed as a part-time assistant in zombie detective Kim Moo Young’s office. Seeing her step up to make justice (even when it’s none of her business) and getting scolded by her sister over living expenses will put a smile on your face. And even after learning the real identity of Kim Moo Young, instead of being scared, she asks a bizarre question, “Do you poop and pee? You ever used bidet before?” As such, she presents a cheerful chemistry with Choi Jin Hyuk, who plays Kim Moo Young, a zombie who is always serious.

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