Lee Kwang Soo Is the Reason Why Song Ji Hyo Fought with Her Ex-Boyfriend?

Credit: SBS

The upcoming episode of SBS’s Running Man will dig into Song Ji Hyo and Jeon So Min’s love life.

The recent recording of Running Man was conducted as a race to remind the male members of the importance of the two girls. One of the best parts of the race will be a “Knowing Sis” quiz mission to test how much the members know about the two.

Song Ji Hyo provided a glimpse into her love story, which had been shrouded in mystery, by making “why I fought with my ex-boyfriend” as her question. In response, the members revealed her love story by sharing the episodes they know, embarrassing the actress. Also, the fact that Lee Kwang Soo was related to the reason she fought with her ex was unveiled, giving a big laugh.

Jeon So Min will also share stories from her past love stories, asking the same question as Song Ji Hyo. Especially when she said, “I gave something in common for all my ex-boyfriends,” Yang Se Chan added, “I also received that gift,” surprising everyone.

The two sisters’ secret private lives can be found on the upcoming episode of Running Man, which will air on Oct. 11.

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