‘Knowing Bros’ Yoo Jae Suk Is the Only Person Who Can Control Jessi?

Credit: JTBC

Jessi showed her affection and trust in Yoo Jae Suk and Psy.

In the recent episode of JTBC’s Knowing Bros, which aired on Oct. 10, Jessi, Im Chang Jung, and Shim Bong Sun appeared as guests.

During the episode, Jessi mentioned the story behind “Come on Jessi,” a sentence Yoo Jae Suk uses to calm Jessi down. Jessi said, “Not a single person in Korea was able to control me, but Yoo Jae Suk found the way. Whenever he says ‘Come on Jessi,’ I’m thrown in confusion and become speechless. For the first time, someone figured out how to keep me quiet. He’s really smart.”

She also talked about Psy, the head of her label. Expressing her faith in him, Jessi said, “He is the one who pushed ‘NUNU NANA’ as the title song. When I was doing a guide recording, I only had ‘NUNU NANA’ for sure and was singing in English and Spanish. Psy is the one who came up with the lyrics ‘That’s why I’m NUNU NANA.'”

Jessi continued, “He doesn’t say anything to me, but he tries to control a lot. For example, he tells me to not dress so sexy all the time, but you know how you want to do it even more when you’re told not to do it. So I dress in more sexy outfits. But these days, it’s getting chilly so I’m putting on more clothes.”

Although she is now loved for her music and appearances on entertainment shows, she said that her dream is to become a movie star like Angelina Jolie someday. She expressed her confidence, saying, “I can do anything I’m asked.”

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