[PICK] ‘The School Nurse Files’ Who Are the Students and Teachers in Mokryeon High School?

The School Nurse Files

Edited by Hong Hyun Jung
Translated by Kim Hoyeun

The School Nurse Files, where director Lee Kyung Mi and writer Chung Serang’s wild imagination met, is a hot topic. From colorful jellies to Eun Young’s rainbow knife and BB gun, cute and unfamiliar sense of humor, and characters with strong personalities fill up a variety of witty and warm stories. In particular, the novel characters in Mokryeon High School Give a notable boost to the play. Let’s examine these students and teachers that enliven the series.


Park Hye Eun (Sung Ah Ra)

Credit: Netflix

Among all the students, the first one that catches the eyes is Sung Ah Ra, who is often called “jellyfish.” Ah Ra, played by rookie actress Park Hye Eun, is the most popular girl in the school who captured the hearts of Basketball Octopus and Oh Seung Kwon with her innocent and bright appearance and good nature. She is also a bit of an oddball and unwittingly works as an assistant who sneak in and give advice whenever Eun Young and In Pyo come up with countermeasures in the health room.


Hyun Woo Suk (Oh Seung Kwon)

Credit: Netflix

Seung Kwon is the one who unintentionally brings about the crisis to Mokryeon High School when he hears that Basketball Octopus is asking Ah Ra out. He starts to create jellies as he is unable to control his jealous and anxious feelings, putting other students around him in trouble. Model and actor Hyun Woo Suk, who starred in Netflix original series Love Alarm, showed off his presence as Oh Seung Kwon, who opened the door to this strange and beautiful world. Hyun Woo Suk will return to the small screen with new JTBC drama Live On, scheduled to air in November.


Kwon Young Chan (Lee Ji Hyung)

Credit: Netflix

Ji Hyun, who was bullied by the basketball team under the leadership of Basketball Octopus, receives mysterious help from the English teacher Mr. Mackenzie. Kwon Young-chan, who was cast through an audition, completed his sad yet nervous Ji Hyung with stable performance even when this was his first-ever project.


Shim Dal Gi (Heo Wan Soo) – Lee Suk Hyung (Kang Min Woo)

Credit: Netflix

Wan Soo and Min Woo are the school’s troublemaker duo, nicknamed Lucky and Confusion. Eun Young takes measures to cut the jelly before the jelly-connected Wan Soo and Min Woo bring about a new crisis, and when her first idea of shaving heads fails, she unexpectedly causes a stir. Shim Dal Gi and Lee Suk Hyun showed off their “banoodle” chemistry as a troublemaker duo. Especially, Shim Dal Gi’s performance as Wan Soo with shaggy hair, freckles, and a simple expression is impressive. The two actors have built their careers by appearing in several independent films, and you might have seen Shim Dal Gi as IU’s friend in the Netflix film Persona ” Kiss Is Sin.


Park Se Jin (Jang Radi)

Credit: Netflix

Idol Radi seems blunt and inattentive at first glance, but she is actually a friendly and good-hearted friend. When transferred student Hye Min was teased, she was the first to reach out to her and turned into a fantastic trio with her and Ah Ra. Radi, who shows unexpected charms, was played by Park Se Jin, who appeared in a number of projects, including Netflix series Love Alarm and the film Miss & Mrs. Cops.


Song Hee Joon (Baek Hye Min)

Credit: Netflix

The more we see her, we feel sorry for her. Hye Min’s only purpose in life is to eradicate the mites. She transferred to Mokryeon High School to prevent misfortune from spreading by eating these mite jellies that are flocking to the school. That’s not the end. She has to keep eating food to soothe the stomach ache from eating the mites, and since she has to eat nonstop, she doesn’t feel well, and that’s why she has to live with medicines. She is only given 20 years of life and cannot escape a 5.38-kilometer radius. Song Hee Joon, who went from being an art student to a model to an actress, has completed this determined and calm character.


Lee Joo Young (Han Ah Reum)

Credit: Netflix

Han Ah Reum, a Life Sciences teacher, gives off a suspicious atmosphere by carefully observing the relationship between Eun Young and In Pyo. Lee Joo Young, who received attention with the film Believer and the TV series Just Dance and Live, enlivened the story by playing a character who instilled a strange sense of tension. If you watch Live, you will enjoy the colleague-chemistry between Lee Joo Young and Jung Yu Mi.


Yoo Teo (Mr. Mackenzie)

Credit: Netflix

Mr. Mackenzie, an English teacher who uses jellies and students for his own benefit, confronts Eun Young, forming a tension. Yoo Teo, who stood on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival for his film Summer and rose to stardom with dramas Arthdal Chronicles, Vagabond, and Money Game, flawlessly took on a mysterious role, adding to the curiosity over his real identity.

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