Weki Meki Talks About Showing Their Own “COOL” with New Album ‘NEW RULES’

Weki Meki returned to the K-pop scene in four months with a new mini-album, NEW RULES.

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NEW RULES is the group’s 4th mini-album after HIDE and SEEK released in June, and it has melted the message of breaking the box and creating a new path for Weki Meki. The title track “COOL” is a dance song with a groovy rhythm, charming bass line and cool synth sound, featuring lyrics expressing Weki Meki’s confidence. Non-title tracks “Sweet Dreams,” “D-DAY,” “Just Us,” and “100 FACTS(COOL Eng. Ver.)” are also included in the album.

Weki Meki expressed their feelings about making a comeback with a new mini-album through their label.


Q1. From DAZZLE DAZZLE and HIDE and SEEK to NEW RULES, you guys are keeping busy schedules.
Doyeon: This is the first time for us to release three albums in one year, so we’re really excited, and thinking that Ki-Ling (official fandom) will love this, I feel like we’ll have to work even harder. I’m especially looking forward to showing a different side of me this time.


Q2. What kind of album is NEW RULES?
Sei: The album means that we’re making our own way without caring about what others think. The lyrics of the title track are also very confident and energetic. All the songs in the album are so good that we are really satisfied with the album.


Q3. What do you think is “Weki Meki’s own way”?
Sei: Working steadily with our albums with good teamwork, energy that only we can show without following others, color we make from our performances, and synergy that comes when we’re together.

Q4. Please introduce the title track “COOL.”
Suyeon: The chorus is very attractive with a groovy rhythm and a synth sound that sticks to your ears at once. When I first heard the demo, I thought it sounded like a pop song, and I just really wanted to do it.


Q5. Is there any point choreography that we should pay attention to?
Yoojung: This choreography has many “cool” key points, just like the title song. The point dance is to smell the perfume on the wrist casually and chicly.


Q6. For “Just Us,” Rina, Lucy, and Yoojung participated in writing while Suyeon took part in composing.
Suyeon: I made it with the thought that if I had a concert later, I would like to have a ballad song that our fans can sing along easily. At first, I thought the song was too monotonous, so I modified it a lot, and I thought working on the song was harder than I thought, but I worked hard.


Q7. Is there any goal you want to achieve with this album?
Lua: We want to hear things like “Didn’t know Weki Meki had such sides to them. Guess they can transform in various ways.”


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