[Weekly Up & Down] Park Kyung & BLACKPINK Embroiled in Controversy + Super Junior’s Ryeowook Admits His Dating Rumor

BLACKPINK Embroiled in Controversy over Sexually Objectifying Nurses

Credit: YG Entertainment

BLACKPINK’s “Lovesick Girls” music video came under fire over Jennie’s nurse outfit. The opinion is that such sexually objectifying outfit and appearance, which is far from what nurses wear in real life, are insulting to the nurses. In the video, Jennie appears in a 90s’ nurse hat, short skirt that shows most of her thighs, and high heels. Netizens who claimed to be nurses are saying that they are “sick of seeing nurses being sexually objectified.” With Twitter at the center, netizens are campaigning by tweeting hashtags like “#Nurses_Are_Not_Costumes” or “#Stop_Sexualizing_Nurse.”


Park Kyung Apologizes After Admitting School Violence

Credit: Park Kyung Twitter

Although Block B’s Park Kyung quickly admitted and apologized for his past as a bully, controversy is only growing even more. On Sept. 29, Park Kyung apologized through his Twitter, saying, “I hated the image of a model student, and those who are so-called ‘delinquents’ looked cool.” Earlier on Sept. 28, a netizen who claimed to be the victim of his school bully wrote, “He used to beat up juniors and those with disabilities, and picked only those who looked especially small or weakest among my classmates,” stirring up the controversy.


Super Junior’s Ryeowook Starts His First Public Relationship

Credit: SM Entertainment, J LINE ENTERTAINMENT,

Super Junior’s Ryeowook admitted his dating rumor with former TAHITI member Ari. Ryeowook’s agency Label SJ said that “Ryeowook and Ari’s close senior-junior relationship blossomed into a romantic relationship.” Ryeowook also confirmed the news himself through Super Juniors’ fan community. Since it was his first acknowledgment of his dating, the impact was huge. Attention was focused on Ari, and she even posted an apology and explanation on her social media for various allegations surrounding her, ranging from the alleged couple ring, lovestagram, and rumors of being a believer of Shincheonji.


Na Hoon A Becomes the Ultimate Winner of the Chuseok Holiday

Credit: KBS

Na Hoon A, nicknamed “the emperor of K-music,” swept the Chuseok holiday with his overwhelming presence. All special programs that every network prepared were overshadowed by the sensation created by Na Hoon A. The singer showed up in KBS’s 2020 Chuseok special South Korea Again Na Hoon A for the first time in 15 years and performed an untact solo concert. The concert aired on Sept. 30 and recorded a jaw-dropping viewership of 29% (based on Nielsen Korea). Except that some entertainment programs such as Mr. Trot, which started the “trot syndrome” in Korea and recorded 30% viewership, this figure is the highest among all TV programs (non-drama) aired this year. Thanks to the unrivaled support he received, the special episode that broadcast on Oct. 3 also garnered 18.7% ratings, proving people’s high interest in Na Hoon A.

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