With the Growing Popularity of BLACKPINK’s ‘Lovesick Girls’ MV, Some Nurses Show Discomfort Over Jennie’s Outfits

Some nurses showed discomfort over one of the concepts shown in BLACKPINK’s “Lovesick Girls” music video.

On Oct. 2, BLACKPINK released their first full-length album THE ALBUM. As soon as its release, the act captivated music fans around the world, and the title song “Lovesick Girls” swept iTunes charts in 57 countries, proving the group’s extraordinary strength.

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But with the growing popularity of the music video, some nurses pointed on Jennie’s outfits. About halfway into the video, Jennie appears in a nurse costume. She wears a short skirt and a tight outfit. Her nurse hat has a heart shape on it, and Jennie rocks in colorful nails and high heels.

After seeing the video, some nurses complained on online communities and social media, saying, “I’m a nurse, and that was very offending,” “We are working our ass off against the COIVD-19, and this is the thanks we get?” or “This is exactly the reason people mistreat us, nurses.”

However, some argued that they are overreacting to a concept in a music video. “It’s just a concept in a video, just like a Halloween costume,” “Nothing about the outfit was vulgar, so what’s the problem?” or “Some people just need to calm down.”

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