Girl’s Day’s Hyeri Cut Her Own Hair Short to Donate to Pediatric Cancer Patients

Credit: Hyeri YouTube

Girl’s Day’s Hyeri donated her hair to a charity.

On Oct. 2, Hyeri unveiled the process of cutting her hair on her YouTube channel.

Hyeri said, “Everyone, time to say goodbye. Today is the day I say goodbye to my hair that I’ve been growing out for 5 years. To be frank, I did have the urge to cut it in-between, but I’ll be finally cutting it today.”

Putting on the gown, Hyeri looked nervous, and added, “I had a short-cut style in my early twenties, but it’s been a while since then, so what if it doesn’t look good?” with worries. Soon, Hyeri returned to her cheerful self and cut her own hair with help from a hairstylist. Shaking her hands, she raised the scissors and cut her hair, saying, “I’m going to try to make ‘mid-length short cut’ a trend.”

With her new bobbed-hairstyle, Hyeri said, “I plan to donate this hair to people who need it more than me. It gives me a feeling of abundance.”

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