[Upcoming K-Drama] Character Guide to Swindlers in ‘Private Lives’ that Will Enthrall You

On Oct. 7, the first episode of Private Lives, featuring a spectacular scam, will air.

The upcoming drama Private Lives tells the story of the con artists mobilizing all their skills to disclose the nation’s major “private life” in an era where people share, steal, and fabricate their private lives. Director Nam Gun, recognized for his delicate and powerful directing through The Royal Gambler and Temperature of Love, and writer Yoo Seong Yeol, who has a maniac fan base for his dense narrative shown through Heartless City and My Beautiful Bridge, have joined forces. Seo Hyun, Go Kyung Pyo, Kim Hyo Jin, and Kim Young Min take on the lead roles and show off their individualistic charms with their differentiated skills as a con artist, a spy, one of the best swindlers, and a kingmaker.


Seo Hyun – Cha Joo Eun (a con artist who commits fraud to maintain a living)

Credit: JTBC

She has been a con artist for 29 years and even did time in jail for fraud. Born as the daughter of Mi Sook and Hyun Tae, the con artist couple, she has significantly contributed to the family business as a swindler since her school days. And one day, Lee Jung Hwan walks into her life. Jung Hwan, he is from a harmonious family, has good looks, and has a stable job as the team leader of a well-known conglomerate. In all, he is a perfect man to marry. After Joo Eun’s unexpected confession, “I’m an orphan,” the two seem to hit it off.


Go Kyung Pyo – Lee Jung Hwan (the team leader of GK Technology Development Team 2)

Credit: JTBC

He became the team leader at a young age after he was recognized for his abilities. He even has a favorable visual and figure that perfectly pulls out the suit. But in reality, he is a thick-skinned and daring spy. Meanwhile, in front of Joo Eun, the woman of fate, he is just one romantic guy. Unaware of her true identity, he falls hard for her and proposes with a trembling heart. Now, their marriage is being prepared with lightning speed.


Kim Hyo Jin – Jung Bok Gi (an announcer-turned-con artist)

She is the top 1% professional swindler who is recognized in this field for her eloquent speech and shrewd planning skills. When everyone was out to get Bok Gi, a former announcer, Kim Jae Wook was the only one who offered her a helping hand. Holding his hands, she got to reborn as Jung Bok Gi, the best con artist, but Jae Wook disappeared into thin air one day. Why did everyone try to kill Bok Gi? Where did Jae Wook go?


Kim Young Min – Kim Jae Wook (a swindler from GK Technology)

Credit: JTBC

Having spent a poor childhood, Jae Wook became an ambitious man who tramples on other people’s private lives for success. He silently proceeds with his plans next to Jung Bok Gi, who shows off such splendid presence, bearing the immense ambition of being the “kingmaker.” He has thorough planning skills to fool his opponent entirely, keen insights of thinking a few chess moves ahead, and a patience of waiting for the right moment. In all, he is one enchanting man.

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