Netizens Send Their Full Supports After Jang Jae In Confessed Experiencing Sexual Violence

Credit: Jang Jae In Instagram

Jang Jae In calmly confessed to the pain of having suffered sexual violence as a teenager, and netizens are showing their whole-hearted supports.

On Sept. 22, Jang Jae In carefully brought up the horrible experiences she had to endure on her Instagram.

“Celebrating how I finished recording an album today that’s taken a long time and how things are improving after consistently receiving therapy, I’m leaving this message. It took me 11 years to tell this story.

I had my first seizure when I was 17, and at the age of 18, I began to suffer from severe anxiety, seizures, hyperventilation, insomnia, anorexia, and bulimia due to the event that I don’t even want to talk about. (Those who have suffered from the same incident probably already know what I’m referring to, and you worked hard, really.)

I said I’ve been receiving therapy, but it wasn’t easy to find the right doctor, and I couldn’t be adequately treated because going to a hospital was seen as taboo at that time.

On top of that, the environment in which I grew up had a significant impact on my symptoms. (Sorry, mom! But since I decided to sing, right?)

So as I entered my 20s, my wish from age 24 to 29 was to please, please become a little bit happier, but that wasn’t something that happened even when I decided to do something about it.

Even if I only wanted to think good thoughts, and even when I wanted to live diligently, sickness in my heart makes you keep falling apart.

Like that, I grew up with illness for a long time, and lately, it has become a part of me.

  1. First off, I let go of the word “happiness” completely
  1. I acknowledged that I’ve lived a life where I had no choice but to be tied up by my low self-esteem
  1. Above all, I took medication steadily for a whole year

And many of my symptoms improved. (In the past, my animosity towards the medications only made me take the pills for three months, at tops!)

As I was planning my album when I was 18, I decided to tell my stories honestly, and that was because I found strength seeing others do the same. When I was younger, I hung on while watching artists sing after overcoming what I suffered from, as well as their own hardships.

Just as I had found courage back then, if I could pass on that strength to others, then wouldn’t the things I’ve gone through become meaningful? This thought helped me ground myself even in the worst situations, and even now, I think I’d be delighted if I could do that.

I’m worried my first post is too long to read. If you read all the way here, thank you. The only thing I’m good at is telling stories, so I’m trying to unfold these stories little by little along with my album.

This is something very personal, but the pain and anxiety of others are more familiar than you think.”

Here are some of the comments to her post.

“Just the fact that you faced your trauma straight means you are one hell of a person.”

“I loved you a lot, and now, I love you so damn much.”

“Whenever I need my own time to straighten myself out, I listen to your songs. You have already passed on the strength. You are an amazing person.“

“Woah, you are so strong, I love and admire you so much!!”

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