How Did Lee Byung Hun React After Seeing Lee Min Jung in ‘Once Again’?

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Lee Min Jung successfully finished her first comeback drama in two years.

In Once Again, she played the role of Song Na Hee and created a high sense of immersion and deep empathy with her realistic acting of the “real problems” that couples in their 30s may experience, such as miscarriage, marital conflict, divorce, and reconciliation. Also, she received enthusiastic support from fans of the “Na-Gyu couple” by presenting eye-catching chemistry with Lee Sang Yeob.


Q1. How do you feel about finishing your drama?
Unlike the mini-series, there were many things that we got to create together during this long run, so it was fun. Maybe it’s because we’ve been working on this drama for so long. It doesn’t feel like it’s over, and I feel like I need to return to the set again.


Q2. What kind of comments did your husband Lee Byung Hun say?
He saw it (the drama) in detail with his “hawk eyes.” We would watch the drama together, talk about the “good” scenes, and share thoughts like ‘what would have been if I did this.’


Q3. How satisfied are you?
There were many fighting scenes in the beginning, and I feel like I went into them without getting fully warmed up. I expressed them quite firmly, thinking that it’s correct to show a “cold” feeling in the scenes where I hit the roof. But now that I think about it, I should have expressed my anger in a more calm and cold manner by pressing down on the anger without exploding my feelings.

Q4. If you grade your chemistry with Lee Sang Yeob.
We filmed most scenes together, so we relied on each other a lot. Lee Sang Yeob is deft and natural when he acts and when he’s being himself, and that helped with our chemistry. Also, we were given the nickname “Na-Gyu couple” and were told they (fans) were happy and comfortable to see us together, so I was quite pleased.


Q5. Was there any difficulty following the changes that the “Na-Gyu couple” went through?
It’s kind of regrettable that Na Hee’s feelings progressed too rapidly to persuade and empathize viewers with the reconciliation. The writer told me that Na Hee was the one who had to break the things she first denied, so I tried to express the changes in her emotions thinking about that.

Credit: KBS

Q6. What was Once Again to Lee Min Jung?
It was a work that showed a clear path of when to take a step back and when to take a break. I wasn’t used to this pace, so I was able to experience how to move along (with that pace).


Q7. What are your future plans?
If you are talking about plans for the rest of this year, I will rest in September, though there’s only a few days left, and I think I need to invest more in my body because I never really got to exercise much recently. I feel like I’m worn out. Also, I want to try my best in my acting career and in my family as a mother and a wife.


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