[PICK] What Will Be the Next Acting Roles for Those Who Rose to Stardom with Recently-Ended K-Dramas?

Edited by Hong Hyun Jung
Translated by Kim Hoyeun


I think one of the happiest moments while watching the drama is when you find an unexpected face. It’s Okay to Not be Okay proved Seo Ye Ji’s potential, while Lee Sang Yi and Lee Choi Hee were said to have been rediscovered through Once Again. Let’s look into the actors who make us look forward to their future by showing outstanding performances in recently-ended dramas.

Yoo Teo

Credit: tvN

Despite the low viewership, Money Game, which dealt with the financial scandal, was a hot topic online. And at the center of the popularity, there was cold-blooded Eugene Han. He is heartless when it comes to money, but in front of Lee Hye Joon, who reminds him of his mother, he becomes particularly gentle. Though there were not that many scenes, the relationship between Eugene and Hye Joon drew enthusiastic support for viewers. Especially, interest in Yoo Teo, who skillfully portrayed both Eugene’s emotional and cold-blooded sides, was explosive. From now on, we will be able to see more of the actor on screen. He will appear on The School Nurse Files as English teacher Mackenzie and recently filmed the German-Japanese joint drama The Window. In June, it was reported that he was in talks to star in new drama Now, We Are Breaking Up (literal title).


Han So Hee

Credit: JTBC

Han So Hee, who made her debut in 2017 with Reunited Worlds, quickly emerged as a rising star with The World of the Married. She took on the role of Yeo Da Kyung, who caused a stir by having an affair with a married man, and delicately expressed her anxious and uneasy minds, engraving her presence even among prominent actors. Yeo Da Kyung’s brazen and selfish images caused some drama buffs’ outcry, but it was also a proof of her exceptional performances and the keen attention she received. Her classy and urban styles also caught the attention. In June, it was reported that she was offered to star in the new Netflix series Nemesis, directed by Extracurricular director Kim Jin Man. Though her appearance wasn’t officially confirmed, I hope to see her soon with a good project.

Park Joo Hyun

Credit: Netflix

Bae Gyu Ri is a model student who everyone envies. However, she only repressed her real self to live up to her parents’ high expectations, and she has that “desire” in her heart. In the end, Gyu Ri reveals her real face, which was hidden under the mask of a model student, and becomes Ji Soo’s partner in crime. In Extracurricular, which showed great potentials of the young actors, Park Joo Hyun stood out. Though the topics in the drama made you want to turn your heads around, her passionate performances increased the level of immersion. Now, she is on the fast track. She will star in the upcoming drama The Zombie Detective, set to premiere on Sept. 21, with Choi Jin Hyuk, who turned himself into a zombie, and present a whole new side of her. The actress was also offered a role in the new drama Mouse (literal title), starring Lee Seung Gi, and Silence (literal title), a new film produced by Dexter Studios.

Ahn Bo Hyun

Credit: JTBC

Ahn Bo Hyun, who challenged his first-ever villain role in Itaewon Class as Jang Geun Won, made headlines by evoking viewers’ anger and earning nicknames like “romantic trash,” “Korean Joker,” and “the origin of all diseases” (‘origin’ sounds like Geun Won in Korean). The actor didn’t just portray a one-dimensional villain, but also showed pathetic and salty sides of the character, drawing keen attention till the very end. Ahn Bo Hyun, who has finally reached his turning point in his acting career thanks to his constant efforts, is diligently building up his filmography. He will star as an elite businessman in the upcoming drama Kairos, a time-slip thriller set to premiere on Oct. 26.


Jeon Mi Do

Credit: tvN

Chae Song Hwa is a skillful neurosurgeon, who is respected by her students, loved by her patients, and has the charisma to lead her gang of 99s. Jeon Mi Do, a veteran actress who mostly performed in plays and musicals, instantly captivated viewers with her vivid and realistic portrayal of a neurosurgeon. Despite her excellent vocal techniques (she even won an award as a musical actress), her tone-deaf performance caught the attention, and her flawless dictions received rave reviews. After Hospital Playlist ended, she returned to her theater and is currently starring in the play Maybe Happy Ending. Next year, she will return with Hospital Playlist 2.

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