Lee Sang Yeob Talks About Finishing His Drama ‘Once Again’

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Despite his long acting career, Lee Sang Yeob didn’t really have the “major work.” He did show impressive performances as a serial killer in drama Signal and interesting characters through his entertainment show appearances, but the absence of the “major work” remained as a big concern for the actor.

However, such a concern blew away instantly with Once Again, which ended last week. Lee Sang Yeob stole viewers’ hearts as realistic yet lovely Yoon Gyu Jin, who reunites with Song Na Hee (Lee Min Jung) after their divorce and becomes a father of a twin.

Lee Sang Yeob conducted a video interview with Daily Sports to mark the end of the show.


Q1. The 100-episode drama has finally come to an end.

I started filming for this drama in January and spent three seasons, winter, spring, and summer. Despite many difficult situations like the COVID-19 pandemic and long monsoon season, we relied on each other and came to a solid end. I finally realize all the reactions to the drama and Yoo Gyu Jin. I’m choked up by the fact that it’s over.


Q2. How did you join a weekend drama?

I’ve been a fan of writer Yang Hye Seung. I wanted to work with her for a long time.

Credit: KBS

Q3. In the end, you became a father of a twin.

I really didn’t expect that. I learned about it when I read the script. It was me who came up with the fetus nicknames “Ogoo Ogoo.”


Q4. I heard that there are a lot of things to learn from working on weekend dramas.

Now I know how to work on a project that requires a long time. I became more quick-sighted and quick-witted. I also learned that I need to be more relaxed to show a more comfortable performance.


Q5. You received a lot of love as “Na Gyu couple.”

Many viewers say that we resemble each other. I think they sympathized with the realistic portrayal of the conflict, crisis, restoration, and reunion.


Q6. Despite being a weekend drama, it received much attention from teens.

I kind of realized that through Instagram. Teens and viewers in their 20s showed their love via social media, whereas elderly viewers showed their supports in restaurants, so I got to receive a lot of love in various ways. I think young friends liked it because there were no uncomfortable situations in the drama. Because the story itself was interesting, viewers showed realistic supports.


Q7. You showed good chemistry with Lee Min Jung. If you two were to work on the same project again?

The romance genre is also good, but I think appearing as a brother and sister and overcoming a crisis might be fun. You know, like action film with twists and turns. I have relied on her a lot. I leaned on her from the start to the end and thanked her several times.


Q8. What are you really like when your dating someone? Who’s your “dream girl”?

It depends on who I date. As I get older, I became stubborn. I guess I should “lower” my stubbornness if I want to date someone. I like someone comfortable. I am looking for someone who won’t feel uncomfortable even when I show my ugly sides.


Q9. What kind of actor do you want to be remembered as?

Finishing Once Again, I became more afraid. I want to work longer by filling up the bowl of “I.” I want to remain as an actor who naturally melts into every situation.


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