This Is How Far the Haters Will Go – One Hater Claims She Was Bullied by Red Velvet’s Seulgi and It’s All Lies

Credit: Seulgi Instagram

One netizen was caught lying by fans when she tried to frame Red Velvet’s Seulgi as a bully.

On Sept. 12, netizen A left several messages and photos on an anonymous Twitter account and claimed that she was bullied by a famous idol during her school days.

A then wrote things like “graduated in 2013,” “ㄱㅅㄱ working in S Entertainment,” and “the school I went to was SOPA,” suggesting that the bully was Red Velvet’s Seulgi. She claimed that because of Seulgi’s bullying, she eventually suffered from depression and received psychiatric treatment, and that she even tried to commit suicide.

Credit: Twitter, Dispatch

When netizens raised suspicions, she even posted a photo of the pills she is taking for depression and a photo of herself wearing the school uniform and holding an award.

However, it was soon turned out that all her claims were groundless. Fans asked the pharmacist directly and found that the pills in the photo were merely medicines for cold, not depression. Also, the photo of her wearing the uniform is a photo one can easily find on Instagram when searching the school.

Credit: Twitter, Dispatch

As soon as everything she wrote was revealed to be pure lies, A hurriedly deleted the account and went into hiding. But fans stated, “We’ve already captured what A wrote. We will ask the company to file a complaint against her.”

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