[PICK] From ‘Beauty and the Beast’ to ‘Mulan’ – Singers Who Have Collaborated with Disney

Edited by Hwang Hong Sun
Translated by Kim Hoyeun

AKMU’s Suhyun, famous for being a Disney fan, recently sang Mulan‘s theme song “Reflection” beautifully on one music show. Did Disney see this? Suhyun has been selected as an artist to sing the Korean cover of the iconic song from the upcoming Disney live-action film Mulan.

From animation released in the 1990s to recent live-action film, Disney has been collaborating with famous Korean artists. Let’s take a look at which singers have collaborated so far.


Beauty and �The Beast – Yoo Yeol, Lee Eun Young

Credit: Walt Disney Company Korea, MBC

Beauty and �The Beast‘s ending song and Academy Award-winning song, “Beauty and The Beast.” The song flows out in the dance scene where Belle and the Beast dance in the ballroom, and it beautifully expresses the affectionate feelings of the two. The Korean version of the song was sung by Yoo Yeol and Lee Eun Young, who showed beautiful harmonies, and this was the first time when a Disney song was sung in Korean by Korean artists.


Someday �” Solid

“Someday,” played in the ending credits of The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, touched the hearts of many with beautiful melodies and lyrics dreaming of a world without prejudice and pain. The Korean cover version was sung by the R&B group Solid. Kim Jo Han’s appealing voice and the perfect harmony of the two members doubled the emotion of the song.


Reflection �” Park Jung Hyun

Credit: Walt Disney Company Korea, Blue Print Music

It’s the iconic song from the animation Mulan. The song expressed the true hearts of Mulan, who has failed to meet her family’s expectations, as she agonizes over “Who am I?” in lyrical lyrics and melodies. The Korean version was sung by Park Jung Hyun, who has an impressively powerful voice. Not only did she flawlessly digest the original version sung by Christina Aguilera, but she also added depth to the song with her rich sensibility. Park Jung Hyun also sang “Eternal Memory,” a track only included in the Korean soundtrack.


Two Worlds �” Yoon Do Hyun

Credit: Walt Disney Company Korea, Sidus

In Tarzan, rock singer Yoon Do Hyun sang all the songs sung by Phil Collins. “Two worlds,” “You’ll be in my heart,” and other songs that lead the story of the movie were filled with his rich and full voice.


Let It Go �” Hyolyn

The iconic song of Frozen that has started the “Let It Go” syndrome in Korea back in 2014. It’s a song that expresses Elsa’s willingness to live freely and strip off all her troubles after spending all her life worrying about her power. After the release, the song has truly encompassed all generations. Hyolyn digested this song with her signature explosive singing style.


Remember Me �” Yoon Jong Shin

Film Coco‘s theme song “Remember Me” adds to the movie’s excitement with its upbeat melodies and tells a moving story when the secrets behind the song are revealed. The Korean cover was sung by Yoon Jong Shin. Unlike the original song, the sound of a friendly acoustic guitar resonates, and the singer’s clear voice certainly touches the viewers’ hearts.


A Whole New World �” Park Jung Hyun, John Park

What is the best love song in Disney films? Of all the choices, it will be impossible to leave out Aladdin‘s “A Whole New World.” It is a song that beautifully captures the romance between Aladdin and Jasmine as they go on a magic carpet ride. The Korean version of the song was joined by Park Jung Hyun, who joined hands with Disney for the first time in 20 years since Mulan, and John Park.


Into The Unknown �” Taeyeon

It is the theme song of Frozen II, which continued the “Let It Go” craze. The song shows Elsa’s willingness to take another adventure. The musical version was sung by Idina Menzel, just like the prequel, while Panic! At The Disco sang the pop version. In Korea, Taeyeon took charge of the official cover song, captivating listeners with her explosive singing and delicate expression. As soon as it was released, it topped various music charts, and the music video has garnered about 25 million views so far.

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