A Man Spotted Crying at YooA’s Online Showcase Is the Head of Her Label?

Credit: WM Entertainment

A man spotted crying at OH MY GIRL YooA’s first solo debut showcase is drawing keen attention.

On September 7, YooA released her first solo album, Bon Voyage. During the online showcase, a man was seen crying as he watched YooA’s stage with other OH MY GIRL members.

This man is Lee Woo Min, the head of OH MY GIRL’s label WM Entertainment.

It is believed that he was touched to see YooA, the first OH MY GIRL member to make her solo debut, perform so well.

In fact, Lee Woo Min is nicknamed “princess Woo Min” among WM artists’ fans. Nobody knows when and why it started, but it is said to be his “girly” taste in choosing the group’s name (for example, OH MY GIRL, B1A4, ONF).


Netizens who watched this responded warmly by saying, “It refreshing to see how friendly the head of the label is,” “If he is really crying because he was touched to see YooA perform, then there’s nothing cuter than this,” “I am her fan, and he looks just like me,” or “After seeing so many inhuman CEOs, he looks like an angel.”

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