After ‘Why Was Sulli Uncomfortable?’ Aired, Sulli’s Ex-Boyfriend Choiza Became the New Target of Witchhunt

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After the documentary about the late Sulli aired, rapper Choiza became the new target of netizens’ witchhunt. It seems like nothing has changed. But fortunately, some started to point out that “we need to be more careful.”

In MBC’s Docu–Flex Why Was Sulli Uncomfortable?, which aired on September 10, Sulli’s life and the pains she had to endure were explained.

However, what caught the most attention was the part where Sulli’s mother mentioned Choiza’s name. Recalling when their dating rumor was reported, she said, “I didn’t believe it when I first saw the photos. I thought it was a false rumor. It was like jumping up many stair steps at once after her boyfriend, who was thirteen years older, came into the picture. All life patterns, including hanging out culture, drinking, food, and even her conversation patterns, suddenly changed.”

She explained she had even fought with Sulli about her dating, saying, “Sulli felt disappointed and sad, so she would get mad. The whole family was happy until the news of Sulli’s dating (with Choiza) came out.”

Sulli’s mother also revealed the truth about what happened when Sulli was rushed to the emergency room in November 2016. After saying that her daughter tried to take her own life, she added, “I think it was their last struggle.” In fact, the two broke up in March 2017, three years after they started dating.

After the broadcast, rather than paying tribute to the deceased, some started to attack Choiza, calling him the reason for her death. Just like when Sulli passed away, his Instagram account has been buried in malicious comments.

In response, documentary producer Lee Mo Hyun stepped up to defend Choiza, saying, “To Sulli’s mother, Sulli only knew about her family but then suddenly started dating someone and became independent financially, and she felt like her daughter has drifted away. But as you can see in Sulli’s diary, she was psychologically stable, had high self-esteem, and was happy when she was with Choiza. There are no faults in breaking up. I didn’t intend this, and it’s painful to see this. Choiza was also a victim.”

However, some pointed out the fact that he particularly emphasized Choiza in the documentary shows that he just wanted “high interest” rather than showing any concerns about what might happen next.

These are some of the comments left on Choiza’s Instagram.

“Sulli might still be alive if she didn’t date him.”

“She was only 19 when his guy seduced her. Let’s be honest. Sulli got weird after dating him.”

“Do you even feel a bit of remorse about what you have done?”

“I totally agree with Sulli’s mother.”

“I really hope I don’t see you on TV.”

“Sulli didn’t die because of you, but you are certainly one of the reasons.”

Credit: Choiza Instagram
Credit: Choiza Instagram
Credit: Choiza Instagram

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