Taemin Says, “This thriller film like album contains my thoughts and affection.”

SHINee’s Taemin has made his grand comeback with an even more sensual charm.

Credit: SM Entertainment

On September 7, Taemin released his third full-length album Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 1 and the music video for the title track “Criminal.” This new title track highlights Taemin’s rebellious charm. It is a synthwave-based song that combines suspenseful rhythm with a newtro sound, creating a more sensual atmosphere.

Prior to his full-fledged promotions, Taemin delivered his thoughts on his comeback and his new song through his label.

Q1. How do you feel about our comeback?

I have put in a lot of affections to this album, so I’m both nervous and excited.


Q2. How was the storytelling of this album created?

At first, I wanted to make a special album, so I tried to get inspiration from watching various movies. And I thought it would be fun to make the album itself as a movie with a story, so I chose “movie” as a reference. Then I developed it through meeting with the staff and got to complete the storytelling of my own story.


Q3. One word to express ‘Act 1′? And why?

Maybe “thriller movie”? (laughs) Because it’s terrifying in a way and acts as a link to the next album ‘Act 2.’


Q4. How did you feel when you first heard the title track “Criminal”?

I thought the song fits well with the overall concept of this album. So, I raised the perfection of the song by adding the voice that resembles the news, which wasn’t there at first, and also modifying the ad-libs in the last chorus to make the song more dramatic.

Credit: SM Entertainment

Q5. Please introduce your “Criminal” performance.

I wanted my performance to have a clear narrative. So I created the performance thinking about the song’s flow, and that’s why I use a “lace” at the beginning. Personally, the choreography from the bridge, which is the climax, to the end of the song is impressive.


Q6. I heard you actively participated in the “Criminal” music video from the planning stage.

Movie trailers are about the same length as music videos, but I felt that their story was more focused, so I worked to ensure that the storytelling was clearly visible.


Q7. If you choose your favorite song in the album.

Title track “Criminal” and non-title track “Nemo.” I naturally formed more affections for “Criminal” as I worked on it, and “Nemo” is a song that you can listen to comfortably.


Q8. Words to your fans.

It’s an album where I have melted in a lot of my thoughts, so I want to make good memories and finish it well and safely. Thank you so much to the fans who waited for me, and I will repay you with better performances.

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