Lovelyz’s Mijoo and “MIJOO PICKCHU” Production Team Officially Apologize for Mijoo’s “Sexual Harassment” Remarks

After Lovelyz Mijoo’s sexual harassment remarks came under fire, Mijoo and the production team made an official apology.

Recently, the video posted on “MIJOO PICKCHU” YouTube channel in June stirred up a heated debate on online communities. At the time, Mijoo met with people in Seoul Forest and made some inappropriate remarks during her conversations with a male college student.

Credit: “MIJOO PICKCHU” YouTube

During their conversation, Mijoo found out that the student had a girlfriend, and suddenly asked, “You have a girlfriend? How far did you guys go? How long you two been together?” He answered, “We’ve been dating about 200 days,” and Mijoo started making “sexual” remarks, saying, “You guys went till the end. No doubt.” When he added, “We only kissed. That’s all,” Mijoo looked up and down at him, saying, “Don’t be ridiculous. Are you even a man?”

This conversation became controversial, where some people pointed out what she did is, in fact, sexual harassment, whereas some pointed out that it was just for fun.

However, as the controversy only grew more, Mijoo and “MIJOO PICKCHU” production team officially wrote their apologies.

The production team wrote, “We apologize to the citizen who must have been hurt by the careless scene and to all the viewers who loved ‘MIJOO PICKCHU’ for causing you concerns.” They added, “We have personally apologized to the student and would like to apologize once again. The video has been deleted. We will pay more careful attention to prevent such problems from happening again in the future. We’re truly sorry.”

An official from Mijoo’s label Woollim Entertainment said, “We will pay more attention to what the artists say and do.”

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