[Upcoming K-Drama] Who Are the “Golden Youth” in Drama ‘Record of Youth’?

On September 7, a group of young people with fresh energy are coming to the small screen. Record of Youth is a drama about youths who put all their efforts into their dreams and love without getting frustrated over the tough reality. Park Bo Gum, Park So Dam, and Byeon Woo Seok each take on the role of Sa Hye Joon, Ahn Jung Ha, and Won Hae Hyo, who fiercely agonize and grow, capturing the dazzling moments of youth. Let’s take a look at the main characters who will give warm comfort by presenting dream, love, and friendship.


Park Bo Gum – Sa Hye Joon (a model who wants to become an actor)

Credit: tvN

He is realistic, practical, smart, and empathetic. He is clear about what he likes and dislikes, but he is flexible enough to do what he hates for his dream. After being compared to his smart brother all his life, he knows that he can’t beat him in studying, so he found the job where he could be good at. He quickly gives up on something if he knows that it’s going nowhere, but for some reason, he cannot give up on becoming an actor.


Park So Dam – Ahn Jung Ha (a makeup artist)

Credit: tvN

She is a warm-hearted, good-natured person who keeps an optimistic view of everything. Her parents got divorced, and she grew up thinking that getting good grades is a proof of being a “solid” person. She wants to become a makeup artist, but she knows that the reality is not that dreamy. She knows how money makes people miserable, and how awful and mentally unstable it is to move around every time. She believes that if she wants to live her dream, she first needs the money that protects her daily life.


Byeon Woo Seok – Won Hae Hyo (a model and an actor)

Credit: tvN

He is friendly, extroverted, and playful. He definitely knows what he likes and dislikes, and would never take part in what he hates. So he doesn’t understand Hye Joon’s thought of enduring what he hates for his dream. He is competitive and hates to lose by nature, so he works his ass off when it comes to things he enjoys. Hae Hyo became friends with Hye Joon and Jin Woo when they all went to the same public elementary school and slowly came to realize the wealth and poverty. Sometimes, he feels sorry for Hye Joon about all the wealth he enjoys.


Kwon Soo Hyun ” Kim Jin Woo (an intern photographer)

Credit: tvN

He is Hye Joon and Hae Hyo’s best friend. He is always upbeat, lively, and, most importantly, he’s loyal. Wanting to avoid the work that requires hard work, he dreams of becoming a photographer instead of learning his father’s carpenter job. Initially, he thought all he had to do was point a camera and take pictures, but carrying heavy equipments and other tasks require high intensity of labor as much as a carpenter, but he is enjoying his work.

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