NU’EST’s Ren Says He Regained His Confidence Through Musical ‘Everybody’s Talking About Jamie’

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NU’EST’s Ren has crossed yet another barrier. He finished his two-month voyage of taking the title role in his first musical Everybody’s Talking About Jamie.

In an interview with Sports Kyunhyang, Ren expressed his honest feelings about his first-ever musical challenge.

“There were times when my confidence would hit the bottom as I continued my idol life. Whenever that happened, I blamed myself and whipped myself a lot, but as I got on stage for ‘Jamie,’ I felt like I found my lost self-esteem. That time, I was convinced that I could trust myself more.”

On August 6, he got on the last stage for Everybody’s Talking About Jamie. During the interview, he recalled back on the times he laughed and cried under the spotlight and in dazzling high heels.

He said, “I feel more sad than relieved. Maybe it’s because he was a kind of character that we can’t easily meet, but I felt more love for Jamie. Now that I have to say goodbye, I couldn’t sleep last night.”

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The result of his first musical challenge was a “success.” With this musical, Ren was recognized for his potential as an actor, not only as an idol singer.

Ren said, “There are many things I want to show you as Choi Min Gi, but there is a limit as an idol. I wanted to show my artistic side, skills, and talents, but I didn’t have many opportunities. So I’ve always been thirsty for more. I didn’t even put down the scripts except for the times I ate or sleep. Of course, I can’t judge myself in how well I did, but I’m just grateful that my fans are proud.”

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