‘Moving On’ and ‘An Old Lady’ – Two Movies that Are Showing Meaningful Results Despite the Tough COVID-19 Situations

Films Moving On and An Old Lady are showing meaningful moves in the movie industry, which has been in a slump since the re-surge of COVID-19.

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Director Yoon Dan Bi’s Moving On tells the story of two siblings Okju and Dongju moving into their grandpa’s house during their summer vacation after their father goes broke.

It took home awards from various film festivals, including the Busan International Film Festival and the International Film Festival Rotterdam. After its release, it attracted more than 10,000 viewers amid favorable reviews, drawing attention.

Recently, Moving On was also invited to the Perlak section of the 68th San Sebastian International Film Festival and the Gateway section of the 39th Vancouver International Film Festival.

Credit: at9 Film

Film An Old Lady is also making some meaningful marks in Korean film history. An Old Lady depicts the process of 69-year-old Shim Hyo Jung (Ye Soo Jung), who finds herself in a tragic situation after being raped by a male nursing assistant, walking out into the sun without enduring the injustice.

The story of an elderly woman, which has never been dealt with in any Korean film, throws the topic of prejudices and discrimination that the weak have to endure in the society as a woman and as an elderly person to the audience.

Shortly after its release, the movie was attacked and was bombarded with criticisms after one community cited it as a “feminist movie.”

However, An Old Lady was introduced in the Future Lights section of the 22nd Taipei Film Festival in June and received favorable reviews. It was also invited to the New Production 2019-2020 Tomorrowland section of the 4th The One International Women’s Film Festival, the first and only official film festival focused on women approved by the National Film Administration in China, and to the International Panorama section of the Haifa International Film Festival. In addition, An Old Lady has been invited to the International Crime and Punishment Film Festival, which will be held on November 20.

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