FNC Entertainment & P1Harmony’s Keeho Give Explanations to the Recent Controversy

Credit: FNC Entertainment

Keeho, a member of the rookie boy band P1Harmony, is having a rough time even before his official debut. In response, Keeho himself gave an explanation through handwritten letters, and his label also made an official statement.

Suspicions have recently been raised that P1Harmony’s leader Keeho left some questionable statements on social media in the past. As the controversy flared up, FNC Entertainment made its official position on September 4.

According to the statement, Keeho ran a fan account on social media with seven other friends he found online while living in Canada. The account, which was operated by sharing a password, was closed in 2017, and since then, Keeho has bot been active on social media. They also claimed that the postings in questions were not written by Keeho himself.

FNC added, “But it is certainly Keeho’s fault that he did not recognize the problem and took care of it. We sincerely apologize to the artists who have been affected by this incident and to all those who have been hurt.”

However, they strongly denied the controversy over racial discrimination, and wrote, “The one who wrote the post had personal animosity against Keeho, and we confirmed that that person deleted the post after finding it to be false.”

Following FNC’s statement, Keeho personally expressed his feelings in two handwritten letters written in Korean and English.

Credit: FNC Twitter
Credit: FNC Twitter

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