Song Ji Hyo Says Goodbye to ‘Was It Love?’

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Was It Love? Noh Ae Jung had a happy ending after she won her love and her dream of becoming a film producer.

Song Ji Hyo led the drama by perfectly digesting her role as Noh Ae Jung, a “super working mother” who received love from 4 different men with positive energy. Was It Love?, which was released on Netflix, received enthusiastic responses in Asia, and the related content spread widely through various social media like Weibo and Instagram.

On September 3, Song Ji Hyo expressed her feelings about finishing Was It Love? through her company.


Q1. How do you feel about finishing the drama?

On the day of the last filming, I felt a bit relieved that it was finally over, but on the other hand, I felt sorry that I had to say goodbye to the director, fellow actors, and our staff who I saw on the set every day.


Q2. What part of Noh Ae Jung did you focus on?

Ae Jung, to me, was a bight and lovely person, but also a very passionate and devoted character who could give everything for her dream and family. I wanted to portray Ae Jung realistically and as a person we see in our lives.

Credit: JTBC

Q3. You were loved by 4 different men.

I think I had a fresh experience. If I mostly played a character who had a crush on someone or involved in a love triangle, I was intertwined with four attractive men this time. So every filming felt different. I mostly bickered with Dae Oh, had a good “senior-junior” relationship with Ryu Jin, thought of Yeon Woo as a cute younger brother but also as my daughter’s homeroom teacher, and became a friend and supporter with Pa Do, so I wanted each relationship to differ from each other.


Q4. Any memorable moments?

In episode 13, she said to Dae Oh, “I have no intention of relying on you. My dream is Wonder Woman, not Cinderella.” The fact that she said she wanted to be a Wonder Woman was a surprise for me, too. It was a line that made me thought that she is someone with strong inner strength and unwavering will.

Credit: JTBC

Q5. You met with global viewers through Netflix.

Being released on Netflix was a new kind of experience. Besides the broadcast, it was amazing to see responses sent by overseas viewers from various countries in real-time. Thank you for watching it.


Q6. Last messages to viewers.

To all the viewers, thank you for watching. It’s been a long time since I worked on a romantic comedy, but thanks to the viewers who care for me and support me, I gained great energy and had a great time filming. If I have a chance, I will greet you with another promising project.

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