DAY6’s Even of Day Talk About Their First Unit Album

On August 31, boy band DAY6’s unit group Even of Day released their first unit album.

Credit: JYP Entertainment

In their first album, The Book of Us: Gluon – Nothing can tear us apart, Even of Day (Young K, Wonpil, and Dowoon) expressed the strong attraction derived from a physics term “Gluon” which literally means the particles that acts as a strong force between quarks. The title track “Where the sea sleeps” interprets traditional R&B rhythms and emotional melodies as trendy synth-pop band sounds, expressing a firm determination to experience rough waves together.

DAY6 (Even of Day) has expressed their feelings through their label.


Q1. This is DAY6’s first official unit group. What’s the difference (from DAY6)?

Young K: We changed the composition of musical instruments and the music itself. Drum and keyboard sounds were created with electronic drums and synths. We also gave a wide range of expressions in bass sounds, alternating between its original role and the role of an electric guitar. But we continued DAY6’s emotions in melody and lyrics.


Q2. Park Jin Young personally chose the team name ‘Even of Day’

Young K: I really the meaning of “Day” coming after “Even,” which in archaic word means “Night.”


Q3. Fans call this unit ‘Gangwon-do’ after the names of the members. If you have to choose between the name given by Park Jin Young and by your fans, what would you choose?

Young K: If the name Park Jin Young made is cool, “Gangwon-do” is quite novel and more meaningful since it was named by our fans.

Wonpil: As soon as I heard the name “Gangwon-do,” I thought it was cute and funny. I think the best choice is unit name as “DAY6 (Even of Day),” and nickname as “Gangwon-do”!

Q4. Tell me the meaning of the new album.

Wonpil: When faced with unexpected things in life, we sometimes drift away. We wanted to deliver that we can find something previous even in such situations and that nothing can separate us.


Q5. TMI you want to tell your fans about the album preparation process.

Young K: The members really worked hard to learn the correct English pronunciation. They were so cute and funny when they focused on my mouth. I will never forget it (laughs)

Wonpil: All songs were in English, so I paid extra attention when I was recording them, and that wasn’t easy.

Dowoon: I worked with an electronic drum pad (SPD) the most this time. I wasn’t really good at it, but I got to learn a lot from this opportunity.


Q6. Each of you is active in various fields such as YouTube, radio, and DJ. What would you do if you can expand your field?

Young K: I would like to take on more diverse challenges musically. I especially want to show many aspects of myself as a musician, so I want to take part in music programs like Begin Again.

Wonpil: Recently, I released a collaboration song with NAVER Webtoon, and it was an honor and a fun experience.

Dowoon: I want to try everything. I like to talk a lot, share information, and go into nature like Three Meals a Day series.

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