K-Drama Review: ‘SF8’: Various Stories of Colorful Imagination

Edited by Seo Hae Lan
Translated by Kim Hoyeun

SF8, set in near-future, freely imagine how technological advances and environmental changes change and affect human life. Let’s meet eight one-hour short stories, the result of the first attempt that became a meaningful step. (based on MBC broadcast order)


The Prayer


It’s about the nursing robot, which looks after the mother who has been in a coma for 10 years and her caregiver, becomes distressed over who it should save. With the robot that takes care of humans, forms attachment, and agonizes over the value of life, the drama throws us something to think about. Lee Yoo Young played a double role, Gan Ho Joong and Yeon Jong In, especially her performances at the ending, are overwhelming. Ye Soo Jung also well expressed the mental conflict of Sister Sabina, who falls into a dilemma herself even when she preaches the importance of life.




While everyone is leaning on an AI fortunetelling service called Manxin that boasts a surprisingly high level of accuracy, To Sun Ho, who wants to know if Manxin was involved with her family’s death, joined hands with Jung Ga Ram, who has changed his life thanks to Manxin, to find the developer. Among all 8 episodes, Manxin is the film that shows satisfactory results in the background, storytelling, and ending. The settings of people relying on AI fortunetelling service or unique characters tracing the truth are also impressive. Naturally, the choice that the AI Manzin makes between perfection and harmony becomes even more convincing.


Joan’s Galaxy


In the future world covered with fine dust, people are divided into Cs, who were injected with expensive antibodies at birth and enjoy a life expectancy of 100 years, while Ns, who were not injected and have a life expectancy of just 30. It tells the story of Yi Oh, who belatedly realizes she is actually an N, and her experiences in a new world along with Jo Ahn, the only N in the school. The dazzling story of the youth that even brightens the smog-filled world makes you smile. Unlike the original work, both Yi Oh and Jo Ahn were set as women, introducing a queer-like personality.




In an era when artificial intelligence has become the norm, Ji Woo, a detective who believes in senses and abilities rather than AI, is forced to welcome an artificial intelligence presence, Seo Nang, as her partner to investigate the murder case. It’s the only action genre among SF8 series. By focusing on the genre-specific fun rather than futuristic images drawn with SF imaginations, the work itself seems more like the first episode of SF investigation work than a short film. So I want to see more of Ji Woo and Seo Nang’s performances.


Baby It’s Over Outside


When there’s only a week left before the world comes to an end, Nam Woo, a police officer who has been single all his life, meets Hye Hwa, who is trying to prevent the end by gathering superpowers. The concept of “superpowers” appears in the romantic comedy of a man and a woman who meet ahead of the apocalypse. A story that doesn’t seem to fit in at first becomes even more convincing as it unfolds. The unexpected twist that comes out when people are admiring the magnificent sky just before the comet crash gives a big laugh. Yeah, even when the end comes, the feelings have a mind of its own.


The White Crow


This is the story of BJ Juno, a game broadcaster who lost everything after getting involved in a controversy over falsifying her past, challenging a new game to make a comeback, but ending up getting trapped inside a game based on the player’s trauma. It uses the feature of a game, but the film itself is a psychological thriller, sustaining the tension by embodying Juno’s trauma within the game. The story is about the school-bullying issue, but it focuses on the bully, not the victims. Therefore, people’s reactions to Juno’s choice at the end are likely to be mixed.


Love Virtually


It is the love story of a man and a woman who want to meet their love based on their personality and individuality in the near-future when more than half of the world population uses the virtual love app ‘Love Virtually.’ The lively love story shows a desire of a person to be loved even with his or her imperfect self. Not all the settings are convincing, but they are not short in fully delivering the message. Choi Shi Won and Uee’s visuals shine even more dazzling, and it is also memorable that they boldly destroyed their beauty with moles and props.


Empty Body


In an age where human brains can be connected to artificial intelligence, Hye Ra, who lost her son in an accident, manages to revive her dead son by combining part of his brain with AI. But she begins to suspect that the AL is wiping out her son’s soul. Hye Ra’s sorrow of losing her son twice is painful just from watching, and Moon So Ri’s performances are overwhelming. The setting of android is quite impressive, and the robots that experienced emotions after being combined with humans are vivid and active when it comes to their expressions.


Verdict: Applause for the first brave, future-oriented attempt (5/10)

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