EVERGLOW’s Label Penalized by Chinese Authorities for Performing at the Korean Military Camp

Credit: Yonhap News

It was belatedly reported that Yuehua Entertainment was punished by the Chinese authorities for EVERGLOW’s performance at the Korean military camp.

Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post reported on August 28 that Beijing-based Yuehua Entertainment released a statement the previous day, which reads “We sincerely regret and sincerely apologize for the negative impact of the performance conducted by our Korean subsidiary.”

Beijing authorities have recently enacted regulations to punish any performance or exhibition that harms the honor of the nation and its people, and decided to apply them to all the events from two years ago. Violations of this can be penalized with a warning, fines, or cancellation of participation in foreign cultural activities.

In the case of Yuehua, EVERGLOW’s performance at the Korean military camp in June last year became a problem, and was punished on May 18. EVERGLOW’s Yiren has a Chinese nationality.

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