New Action Movie ‘The Swordsman’ Drops the Eye-Catching Posters

Actor Jang Hyuk will show off his high-quality action sequences as the best swordsman of Joseon in the new movie The Swordsman.

The Swordsman confirmed its release on September 17 and unveiled two posters.

Credit: OPUS Pictures

In the posters, Jang Hyuk shows off his charismatic energy that’s just about the explode. Just by looking at the sword that’s right in front of his face and his anger as he is surrounded by other swordsmen herald a bloody fight. The short and intense copy of “Chasing to the End” also catches the eyes.

The Swordsman, starring Jang Hyuk, Jung Man Shik, and Joe Taslim, is a real chase action film. The story begins when the best swordsman of Joseon, who turned his back on the world, raises his sword again to find his lost daughter.

Credit: OPUS Pictures

Jang Hyuk plays Tae Yul, a swordsman in his thirties. He disappeared after the dethronement of King Gwanghae, but his daughter has been taken as a Gongnyeo (a small nation devotes a woman as one of the tributes to a powerful nation). So, he picks up his sword once again to find his only daughter even after losing one of his eyes.

It is said that Jang Hyuk personally performed most of the action sequences in The Swordsman. The production team raised the expectations by saying, “We will show the audience the real world of action.”

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