BTS’s RM Ran Away Before Making His Debut?

Credit: Mnet

BTS deeply sympathized with the concerns of the I-LANDers.

In the recent episode of Mnet’s I-LAND, which aired on August 14, BTS appeared as a senior boy band from Big Hit Entertainment and had counseling time with the I-LANDers.

During the counseling, Taki talked about how much he misses his family, saying, “I have to focus on I-LAND, but it’s hard because I miss my family so much.” Jimin replied, “I understand. We only get to meet our parents twice or trice a year.”

RM also shared his honest story. “Six months before making our debut, I ran away. As soon as my father saw me, he convinced me, ‘You have to go back.’ He told me to go back because if I stay, he knew that I will resent him for the rest of my life. I still remember that so clearly,” he added.

Suga also said, “You can miss your family. But the moment you miss them, you have to realize what you’re doing and return.”

Meanwhile, with the upcoming “BTS Test,” the first test of I-LAND Part.2, questions are mounting over which group will win the first place and be eliminated.

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