[PICK] Top 7 Best Kang Dong Won Movies

Edited by Hwang Hong Sun
Translated by Kim Hoyeun

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In the recent box office hit movie Peninsula, Kang Dong Won is fascinating the audience with his humane and charismatic appearance. Unlike how he surprised everyone with a “different” visual at the press conference, in the movie, he shows off his “handsomeness” that shines bright even in the dark. Starting with his screen debut film Don’t Believe Her, Kang Dong Won makes the heart flutter with his extraordinary beauty. This article will introduce some of his best movies.


A Violent Prosecutor – Han Chi Won, a petty criminal


Number of Audience: 9.7 Million (actor’s No.1 box office hit)

The story is about Byun Jae Wook, a hot-tempered prosecutor, who is falsely accused of murder and goes to prison, preparing for a counterattack after meeting a handsome petty criminal, Han Chi Won. Perhaps it’s because the movie presented the comic acting of Kang Dong Won (which is rare), the movie attracted 9.7 million viewers nationwide, becoming the actor’s number one box office hit. In particular, the scene where he dances bombastic dance on the campaign trail disguised as an election campaigner is considered the most memorable scene in the movie.


1987: When the Day Comes ” The Late Student Activist Lee Han Yeol

Credit: CJ Entertainment

Number of Audience: 7.23 million (actor’s 2nd box office hit)

Although he only appeared as a guest star, he left a strong impression. In the movie that revolves around the June Struggle, Kang Dong Won played the role of a student activist, and the scene he first appeared as he saved Kim Tae Ri instantly broke the movie’s heavy and serious atmosphere. He also showed his passion by appearing in the movie for free to honor the late Lee Han Yeol.


Jeon Woo Chi: The Taoist Wizard – Taoist Jeon Woo Chi

Credit: CJ Entertainment

Number of Audience: 6.13 million (actor’s 4th box office hit)

In addition to A Violent Prosecutor, there is another movie where you can see Kang Dong Won’s comic acting. Jeon Woo Chi: The Taoist Wizard, a Korean-style hero movie challenged by director Choi Dong Hoon, and depicts a confrontation between Jeon Woo Chi and Hwa Dam over the legendary flute player. Kang Dong Won played Jeon Woo Chi, creating a unique sense of humor with his freewheeling and relaxed manners. It is said that director Choi Dong Hoon offered the role even before the script was completed.


The Priests – Deacon Choi Joon Ho

Credit: CJ Entertainment

Number of Audience: 5.44 million (actor’s 6th box office hit)

It is an occult thriller about the dangerous exorcism of Father Kim and Deacon Choi to save a girl suffering from mysterious symptoms after a hit-and-run car accident. Kang Dong Won played Deacon Choi Joon Ho and showed passionate performance of a daring seminary student having an “awakening” as a true deacon, going head to head with the devil. People said that the scene where he appeared with an incense burner (in the second half of the movie) felt like he had a “halo“ around him.


KUNDO: Age of the Rampant – Jo Yoon


Number of Audience: 4.77 million (actor’s 7th box office hit)

Kang Dong Won played Jo Yoon, a villain who could not be hated in KUNDO: Age of the Rampant, which depicts the activities of a righteous group of thieves and Dol Moo Chi who unsheathes his sword for the weak. Jo Yoon is the son of a wealthy nobleman, but was always despised for being the child of a concubine. Kang Dong Won led the work by portraying Jo Yoon’s cruelty and sorrow with delicate emotional acting.


Duelist – “Sad Eyes“

Credit: Production M

Number of Audience: 1.2 million (actor’s 15th box office hit)

Besides KUNDO: Age of the Rampant, Duelist, released in 2005, is another movie where Kang Dong Won played a villain role in a historical genre. When asked the difference between the two characters (since they give off similar vibe), Kang Dong Won answered that Duelist shows elegant action sequences whereas KUNDO: Age of the Rampant shows powerful action sequences.


Romance Of Their Own – Jung Tae Sung


Number of Audience: 2.18 million (actor’s 10th box office hit)

When we talk about Kang Dong Won, we cannot leave out Romance Of Their Own. Based on a web novel, it revolves around the love triangle between Jung Han Kyung and the two most popular boys in her new high school, Ban Hae Won and Jung Tae Sung. Kang Dong Won captivated the female viewers by playing the role of Jung Tae Sung, and in particular, the scene where he jumps into the umbrella is still talked about.

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