Sandeul’s Interview About His New Album ‘My Little Thought Ep.01’

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On August 5, Sandeul released his new album, My Little Thought Ep.01. The album includes “Lazy Me” and “Smile Box,” which were previously released as digital singles, and Sandeul’s self-composed songs. The title track “Summer Day Summer Night” conveys the feeling of a summer night in Sandeul’s soft and warm voice. The languid guitar sound and the relaxed piano beat are added to the sentimental sound of the waves that remind you of summer nights, giving you a calm pleasure. Sandeul personally told the story of his new album, My Little Thought Ep.01, which contains the sincerity of Sandeul who took his first step as an artist.


Q1. How do you feel about releasing your new album, My Little Thought Ep.01?

I am so happy and excited. I think this album will be more special to me. I worked on it at home, where I feel the most comfortable and is closest to me, so I think this album includes a lot of my honest thoughts as I faced myself.


Q2. Please introduce your new album and the meaning of the album title.

“My Little Thought” is an album that contains my thoughts. It also means ‘thinking house’ because it is a collection of ideas that come to mind while enjoying time at home.


Q3. The thoughts and views of everyday life are contained in the song and the lyrics. Did you feel any pressure to reveal the human Lee Jung Hwan?

I didn’t feel any pressure to reveal my true self. I also gained courage because my fans and I had time to understand each other for a long time. And I thought this album was a record of my thoughts living in this moment. I’m glad and grateful to be able to organize and share the photos I took with my own thoughts and perspectives.

Credit: WM Entertainment

Q4. The key point of the title track “Summer Day Summer Night”?

“Summer Day Summer Night” is a song that expresses the excitement of summer. When I listen to this song, I can hear the sound of the waves and feel like I’m in that space. I hope you focus on the lyrics and listen to it comfortably and feel happy and excited.


Q5. You worked with Wouter Hamel, a Dutch pop-jazz singer-songwriter, in the previously released song “Smile Box.” How was it?

I really enjoyed his songs, so I told my label that I would love to work with him, and luckily he agreed to collaborate with me. I would like to once again show my gratitude for giving me a chance to work on a song together, and I’m happy that the result was awesome.


Q6. A word to fans who have been waiting for the new album for a long time.

Thank you so much to my fans for waiting for my music for a long time, and I sincerely hope this album will be a warm consolation to BANA. I love you.

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