Kang Daniel Says that He Had Put in His “Real Self” to His New Album

Kang Daniel will release his second mini-album MAGENTA and start his full-fledged activities.

He wrote the lyrics of five songs (out of a total of six songs), and Simon Dominic, Jamie, Yumdda, and Dvwn participated in the featuring, raising the level of perfection. Prior to his comeback, Kang Daniel expressed his feelings about the comeback through his label.

Credit: KONNECT Entertainment

Q1. How do you feel about making a comeback after 5 months?

I’m so excited to be on stage again with a new album. Above all, I’m glad to come back with a good result.


Q2. What kind of album is MAGENTA?

It is an album with a hot summer vibe that comes from colors. “The beginning to the end of summer” is included in this album so that you can feel the flow of the season. Please listen to it in order.


Q3. It’s an entirely different color from CYAN. What changes did you focus on?

If the first mini-album CYAN expressed coolness, I wanted to deliver a strong feeling with MAGENTA. I wanted to be on stage with the most “Kang Daniel-like” images and something I can do best.


Q4. What kind of song is the title track “Who U Are”?

It is a song that explodes the story of “I will wake up your inner feelings that you didn’t even know about yourself” with a hot energy. I wanted to express the passion and the “heat haze-like” hotness under the scorching sun.

Credit: KONNECT Entertainment

Q5. I heard the choreography for “Who U Are” is legendary.

The choreography consists of a flow that may seem a little unfamiliar in Korea. The choreography itself is very unique and unusual, and it will allow you to visually see the energy within “Who U Are.“


Q6. What other non-title tracks do you want to recommend besides the title track?

All the songs are precious, but I recommend “Flash,” the beginning of MAGENTA. It slowly heats up the atmosphere for the rest of the album, and it feels all the more meaningful cause I have put in my own promise and story.


Q7. Various artists participated in the featuring. How was it?

It was such an honor. They are artists who I always liked and respected, and it was like a dream to be able to work together in one song. Thanks to them, I was able to fill this album with colorful music.


Q8. Last words to your fans.

Not long ago, it was the first anniversary of my solo debut. Our DANITY who congratulated me and had a great time together! Thank you very much. Thanks to your love for Kang Daniel’s music, albums, and stages, I was able to get the energy to be a bit more greedy and to take a step forward. I look forward to your love this time and in the future. And always be healthy!

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