Former U-Kiss member Alexander Talks About Being a Foreign K-POP Idol + Confesses Why He Had to Leave the Team

Credit: YouTube “JAYKEEOUT x VWVB”

Alexander, a former U-Kiss, drew attention when he revealed why he had no choice but to leave the group.

On July 29, Alexander appeared on YouTube “JAYKEEOUT x VWVB” channel and talked about various things.

Later, he confessed the real reason he left U-Kiss.

“A lot of people didn’t really know what happened, and I really never talked about it. I didn’t want to because it might’ve been bad for the company images and the group still existed.

But back then, I was really pissed about it. Because the company was telling me that U-Kiss needed member changes. They thought we weren’t talented enough. They said that we needed more Korean members, but ironically, I was really pissed because we did a lot of overseas activities and helped them a lot.

I taught them how to use Twitter and promotions. But then they told me, ‘Maybe you could just join the overseas unit?’ One of the staff actually said, ‘Xander, think about it. Do you think you’re popular in Korea? You’re not.‘

This is what a lot of entertainment companies did to their artists to show them they are nothing and to say that you’re popular thanks to us.”

Upon seeing this, fans showed their supports.

“I really enjoyed Alexander’s attitude. He is very real.”

“I miss the old U-Kiss days, the first group that got me into K-pop!”

“It makes emotional but happy at the same time that he’s comfortable enough to talk about U-Kiss openly now.”

“I remember being really bummed when he left. The company was blind.”

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