Junsu Talks About the “Pain” He Had to Endure for the Past 10 Years

Credit: C-JeS Entertainment

Singer and musical actor Junsu (also known as Xia) expressed his regret for not being able to show his fans a wide range of activities, revealing why he made the unexpected choice of appearing as the master in Mr. Trot.

In December last year, Junsu made his first appearance on a terrestrial television in 10 years through MBC’s Sharing House. At the time, he confessed that he had worked hard to appear on TV shows for 10 years, but was frustrated because all chances were canceled.

Junsu said, “I know that the fans’ wish is to see me on the TV channels no matter what the programs are. It was meaningful in the sense that I relieved some of the fans’ thirst.”

“I want to star on good shows without worrying. Even if it’s not that, it would be nice to be able to appear with other music actors without being left out alone when the team appears on a show as a part of promotion,“ he added.

Although he is still communicating with fans through Instagram and YouTube channels, Junsu hoped to naturally appear in public. He said, “There are times when even the producers think it’s my choice not to appear on these shows. If the situation or the purpose of the show doesn’t match me, I may decide not to appear, but there’s a big difference between not appearing and not getting an offer.“

Regarding his Mr. Trot appearance, Junsu said, “There were times when I was notified of the cancellation even after the filming schedules came out. So I couldn’t believe it after finishing recording for Mr. Trot. After watching the show on TV, I started to cry.”

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