ATEEZ Express Their Desire to Win the Music Show

ATEEZ, now going into the second year of their debut, has made a comeback with their new album ZERO: FEVER part.1.

The new album ZERO: FEVER part.1 is an album with a new storytelling after wrapping up the TREASURE series, which lasted since their debut to last February.

Q1. How do you feel about your comeback after half a year?

(Seonghwa) It was the longest hiatus we’ve ever had, and I am glad that we got to prepare more thoroughly and present you with a good song. I’m excited to show you our performances on stage.


Q2. Please introduce your new album and the title track.

(Mingi) It’s a story that goes back to the time before the TREASURE series, which depicts a journey to find something precious. We tried to show images like youth, passion, and the spirits of teens.

(Hongjoong) “Inception” is a song that unravels EDM in ATEEZ’s own style. It expresses one’s longing for an unattainable being as if he had a dream in a dream.


Q3. I’m also curious about the story of “THANXX,” which was nominated for a title song along with “Inception.”

(Hongjoong) “THANXX” is a song with witty lyrics and rapping. The color is strong from the beginning of the intro, so I think it’s a perfect song to listen to in the current season.

Credit: KQ Entertainment

Q4. What did you focus on this album?

(San) We mostly tried to unravel the “youth” of ATEEZ, so I hope you pay attention to both the song and the performance.


Q5. Hongjoong and Mingi participated in writing lyrics for five of the seven tracks, while Hongjoong also participated in composing and arranging.

(Mingi) We tried to work with a wide spectrum of variation. We recorded in a style that embodies the individuality of each song.


Q6. Billboard columnist Jeff Benjamin recently sent you a message of support.

(Hongjoong) We’ve talked about a lot of things, and he said, “It’s really fresh and new, and I think it’s going to be a little shocking to people. People will be interested in ATEEZ’s new album, and I think it’s a great chance for ATEEZ.” So we wanted to show you more of us, and at the same time, we thought that we could have a really fun time with this album.

Credit: KQ Entertainment

Q7. A word to ‘ATINY’ who waited for your comeback.

(Jongho) It’s been a while since we’ve made a comeback, so we prepared that much harder, so please keep an eye on us.

(Seonghwa) We’ve prepared a lot, so please look forward to seeing the improved sides of us.

(Yeosang) Fans, I missed you so much.

(Hongjoong) I want to put meaning on that it’s time for ATEEZ and ATINY to enjoy together.

(Mingi) We have prepared a lot of things during the long absence.

(San) You’ll be a fan of the new ATEEZ.

(Yunho) I love you, ATINY!

(Wooyoung) We’ve put our souls into this album, so I hope you look forward to it.

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