After Kim Hee Chul Takes Legal Actions Against Haters, One of Them Tries to Guilt-Trap Him, Shocking the Public

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Netizens frown after seeing a malicious commenter’s attitude in response to the legal actions taken by Super Junior’s Kim Hee Chul.

On July 23, Kim Hee Chul declared a war against all haters. At the time, he wrote, “There will be no mercy. Even if there is a settlement, I will be giving everything to my lawyers. I will not stop here and continue to catch all the haters.”

Thereafter, a ridiculous comment was left on Kim Hee Chul’s Instagram, making the netizens frown.

“Please forgive me if you see this comment 🙁 It (leaving the malicious comment) was by mistake, and I can’t pay that large money. You’re living well-off so you really going to live like that, suing weak ordinary people? Even when you’re a celeb? You’re not the Super Junior I know. I can’t believe someone who is money-seeking is a member of Super Junior. If you continue with the legal complaint and don’t withdraw it, then you’ll watch me die. How dare you live like that when you’re a celeb? How can you do this to your fan? My parents have no money, but only have a pile of debt, and I am barely making a living since I can’t find a job. But if you act like this so suddenly…. Please think about my family situation and please withdraw the legal complaint. I said it clearly. If you don’t change your mind after seeing this, you’re killing one person. Correct your wrong decision right away!”

Credit: Kim Hee Chul Instagram

Now, the comment has been deleted.

Netizens who saw this comment could not hide their bewilderment.

“Wow, this person is crazy. She’s actually trying to guilt-trap the person she trashed.”

“What the hell is wrong with this person?”

“I could feel the bawling in the comment.”

“What you wrote before was not a mistake, and what you just wrote is appalling.”

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