Mnet’s Boy Band Competition Show ‘Kingdom’ Facing Casting Difficulties + Will Be Canceled?

Credit: Mnet
Credit: Mnet

The road to Kingdom is rough. Mnet’s Kingdom is reportedly facing a cancelation due to casting difficulties.

After enjoying last year’s girl group competition show Queendom, Mnet decided to launch Kingdom, the male version of Queendom, this year. In April, they launched Road to Kingdom, an audition for Kingdom, and gave THE BOYZ, the winner of the show, an automatic qualification to appear in the Kingdom.

However, it is unlikely that the show will be launched in the second half of this year due to various practical problems.

According to multiple sources, the production team had to overturn its original lineup several times.

Credit: Mnet

In particular, since the format itself is a form of dividing the ranks among idol groups, it has been a burden not only for the labels but also for the idol groups and their fans. In fact, when the particular group was rumored to appear in the show, the label was bombarded with related inquiries.

One constant issue Mnet is facing in their Kingdom casting process is the ongoing criticism revolving around rookie boy group TOO, who appeared on Road To Kingdom even before they released their debut album. Since Road to Kingdom, Mnet cannot seem to shake the suspicions of prioritizing the groups they invested in.

Insiders said, “One day, the discussions around Kingdom just suddenly disappeared. I understand that they have concluded that producing the show this year is impossible.“

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