Siblings Han Sun Hwa & VICTON’s Seungwoo Pose Together in Pictorials

The pictorials of actor Han Sun Hwa and VICTON’s Seungwoo have been released.

The two are posing together in the recent pictorial of 1st Look magazine, which was released on July 28. They showed their friendly looks as if they were siblings, friends, and lovers, drawing attention.

Credit: 1st Look
Credit: 1st Look

During the photo shoot, the two showed sweet affections for each other, even though there were some “awkwardness” of being a real brother and sister working on the same project.

In the following interview, Han Sun Hwa said, “When I see Seungwoo on stage, I wonder if he’s really my brother. I feel proud, but on the other hand, I sometimes feel a sense of sadness. I’m not exactly sure why, but I think it’s because we’re family.” Seungwoo said, “There is a difference between my sister and celebrity Han Sun Hwa. I think she really looks cool when she’s working. She’s also very professional. When she’s home, she talks a lot with our mom, and keep our family entertained. I like that about her.”

Credit: 1st Look
Credit: 1st Look

When asked about if they talk about their own concerns to each other, Han Sun Hwa replied, “He’s quite mature, so he doesn’t say much. But I’m sure he is facing many difficulties. So I try to say something that could help him as much as possible.” In response, Seungwoo said, “I think I try to endure most things since my sister made her own way. I don’t think none of the younger brothers would want to worry his older sisters by saying such things,” showing off their tight bond.

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