[Weekly Up & Down] SSAK3’s Official Debut Stirs Up the Entertainment Industry

The continued controversies over current and former members of ILUV and the battle over the late Goo Hara’s inheritance rise to surface every once in a while. Amid various rumors and revelations in the entertainment industry, Peninsula has maintained its number one spot in the box office for two consecutive weeks, and actor Kim Min Seok made headlines for catching the man who secretly filmed a woman.


▲ SSAK3’s Debut Begins the Storm

SSAK3’s debut song “Summer Sea Again” topped major music charts as expected. “Summer Sea Again” is a newtro (new-retro) song that reinterprets 90’s sensibility in a modern style, and is composed by Lee Sang Soon, and written by Linda G and ZICO. They are also smiling brightly in terms of viewership. According to Nielsen Korea, How Do You Play? has ranked first among all entertainment shows that air on Saturday with 10.3 percent viewership. They are also doing great in the advertising market. Clothing companies and donuts companies are quickly releasing their collaboration products with SSAK3.


▽ Small and Medium-Sized Labels Show Their Bitterness due to SSAK3’s Craze

On the other hand, singers from small and medium-sized labels, who were already struggling in the aftermath of COVID-19, are saddened by SSAK3’s new sensation. “We ambitiously prepared the album for the summer, the biggest music market of the year, but we couldn’t see the light as SSAK3 swept the scene,” said A, the head of a medium-sized agency, who wished to stay anonymous. He added, “I acknowledge the three members’ musical capabilities, but monopolizing the chart with their popularity is killing the singers from small and medium-sized labels twice.”


▲ Kim Hee Chul Declares a War Against Haters


Kim Hee Chul recently posted a photo of the complaint on his Instagram. “There will be no mercy. Even if there is a settlement, I will be giving everything to my lawyers. I will not stop here and continue to catch all the haters,” he said, expressing his determination. On a different note, Han Ye Seul, Ham So Won, and Jang Sung Kyu have recently responded to malicious comments about their appearance with “cool” comments, revealing a different atmosphere from the past. Netizens are also cheering in support of legal action against the haters or celebs’ witty comments.


▽ ‘Mr. Trot‘ Concert Delayed Again

Credit: TV Chosun

Mr. Trot concert has been temporarily postponed for the third time. It was originally scheduled to be held in April, but it was delayed three times due to the spread of COVID-19. However, the concert was canceled for the fourth time due to an administrative order from Songpa-gu Office. Showplay, the production company, said, “Mr. Trot concert that we planned to hold in Seoul has been temporarily postponed. We are sorry for the audiences who have been waiting for the Mr. Trot concert.” Currently, the production company applied for an injunction and filed an administrative litigation against the Songpa-gu Office.

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