A Singer-Songwriter Is Under Police Investigation for Illegal Filming

A, a 42-year-old singer-songwriter and head of the K-pop label, is under police investigation for illegally filming women’s bodies.

The Gwangjin Police Station in Seoul is investigating the singer on charges of illegal filming. A is suspected of secretly filming the bodies of many women, including sex videos, using hidden cameras, until early this year.

Lawyer Bae Geun Jo filed a complaint in April after receiving an anonymous tip on the case. After the official investigation started, A was reportedly questioned as a suspect last month and admitted to some charges.

There have also been suspicions that A tried to hide his history and information online by deleting his profile page from the portal sites and photos since around June when the police investigation began.

“I know I did something illegal, and I’m regretting it,“ A told SBS in a telephone interview around April. ”I’m living a life of self-reflection, starting a family earlier this year and making donations.“

A made a debut in the K-POP scene after winning a prize at a K-pop festival in 2004, and became a singer-songwriter who has released more than 120 songs, including a full-length album and a single album. A also has a history of publishing an essay about love.

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